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Social and Civic Whirl

Social and Civic Whirl: The ‘Kitchen Critics’ Journey South

Ola Goss
The group that affectionately call themselves “The Kitchen Critics” began gathering in a kitchen, approximately four years ago. They meet regularly to eat, critique movies/ television shows, the state of the world and life in general. These friends, ladies of leisure, Gloria Adderly, Mary Briley, Pat Wise Green, Carolyn Hayes, Kitty Hill and Anne Wallace recently took a scenic road trip down Route 17 from Virginia to Georgia. The six fun-loving women loaded a van and started on their journey south.

Their first overnight destination was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with a lunch stop in the “Old District” of Wilmington, North Carolina. After lunch, they continued on to Myrtle Beach. Once they had checked into a hotel in Myrtle Beach, they went on a tour of the city. For the “newbies” so named by the more seasoned “Kitchen Critics,” who have travelled to the area before, became the tour guides.

Before leaving Myrtle Beach several of the ladies decided to wade in the water. Afterwards, all boarded the van and headed toward Savannah, Georgia. Once the group had checked into the hotel located in “Historic District,” they went to the “Shrimp Factory” on the River Front to have a delicious relaxing meal. The next day they did an official tour of Savannah and were “enthralled” with the “history of the area and the magnificent Oak Trees dripping with Spanish Moss.” Following the tour and soul food lunch, the group headed to Charleston, South Carolina, this beautiful and charming city of the South, for a two day tour. Upon arriving in Charleston, the “Kitchen Critics” ate at Justin’s Kitchen Restaurant. In addition to a delicious meal, the ladies were treated, as they said, like “Rock Stars.”

This treatment included a picture with, Dana, the owner of Justin’s and complimentary deserts. On the way home, the group stopped in Fayetteville, North Carolina where they were treated to a tasty buffet, by Gloria Adderly’s husband, at Fuller’s BBQ. The ladies like to paraphrase Dr. Seuss – “O the places we have gone, the sights we have seen and the fun that we had …” – “THE KITCHEN CRITICS.”

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