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Millennials Are the Innovation Hampton Roads Needs

By Joe Dillard, Jr.

“You’re not ready.” I’m sure many have either been on the delivering or receiving end of such a comment at work. It’s numbing to hear how the Baby Boomer Generation instructed Generation X to “wait their turn” for advancement. What a paradox it is to witness Generation X attempt to do the same thing and classify the millennial generation as spoiled.

This time last year, I served on a panel hosted by Hampton Roads Diversity and Inclusion Consortium and unlike other panels or regional conversations, I was focused on the need for Millennials to be empowered in today’s workforce.

Millennials change jobs more than any other generation not because we lack commitment but because we value purpose. We like to think not only are we doing great work but work that makes positive impacts in our community. Don’t forget the “bag” which is a term coined by millennials used to describe money. Like every generation before us, we too would like to be paid well.

I’m willing to venture out that if you give that millennial at your workplace some real power and charged them with being innovative to push your company forward, the investment will return tenfold.

We don’t just want to “live, work and play.” We aren’t a scientific study group; we are the innovative leaders many of your companies need.

Joe Dillard, Jr.


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