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Impacting Lives 2021



Special Edition
December 2, 2021




Brenda Hughes Andrews
New Journal and Guide

We are awarding six distinguished persons in this commemorative edition with our 8th Annual Impacting Lives medallion for their service to Hampton Roads and beyond. Also, three churches and one community activist are being celebrated for their impact.

This year—2021—marks our 121st year of continuous operation, and we are thankful to share our celebrity with these very important people whose lives and works mirror the newspaper’s mission. We were founded in 1900 to uplift and empower the African American community to speak power to truth about race, equity, and inclusion, as encouraged by our first publisher P.B. Young, Sr.

Mr. Young set forth a vision at the turn of the 20th century that the (New) Journal and Guide was to be a preserver of Black culture, a recorder of Black history as it happens in real time, and an example of Black enterprise. This paper has undergirded the Hampton Roads community with its news on current events and issues, as well as social, academic and church news that have kept our readers informed and entertained through the years.

The Impacting Lives event was founded in 2014 to pause annually to remember our purpose, mission and gratitude to persons for supporting our enduring legacy. We appreciate YOU!



President and Publisher Brenda H. Andrews
Chief Reporter Leonard E. Colvin
Associate Editor Rosaland Tyler
Production Tony Holobyte
Circulation Betty Harris

Contributing Associates Angela Gregory, Brenda Logan, Randy Singleton, Sean C. Bowers, Shedrick Byrd, Gladys McElmore, Rev. Dr. Rebecca Rivka, Ola Goss, Dr Wornie Reed, Lut Williams, Walt Carr, Glen Masson, Terrance Afer-Anderson, Dr. Grady James

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