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Eternity’s Equilibrium     

By Sean C. Bowers
One cannot continue to conflate, confiscate, condemn and condone all Cracker-isms White people have consistently done and come at others with.

Being White, I am way past embarrassed for the lack of basic home training and civility demanded by Whites of others, yet never lived up to by themselves in the ultimate grand scheme of things. It is a tone-deafness, an intentional blindness, an even learned blind spot, achieved by not looking, eyes being closed, or by always looking the other way.

The feeling senses are disabled, disconnected, discombobulated, diabolical and dead wrong. They are numb to others’ plights. In America, White plunder, has replaced thunder! The ways that Whites can self-prioritize, putting themselves first at all times, begs the question’, “when is it ever enough?”

            History is littered with past great civilizations which then became dust, rusted and busted. In each of those societies, the term “too big for their britches,” comes to mind. All great civilizations: the Atlanteans, Mayans, Egyptians , Romans, Greeks, English and now these United States of America, face the same undefeated record of history, against all these past, once-dominant, societal balancing acts. Because when you think about it, the whole process of creating and building a great society, is, in itself, a massive undertaking with many inherent risks.

            The tipping points can be earth changes, floods, earthquakes, fires, or even other worldly events such as asteroids and meteors. There can be terrible sicknesses such as the plague, the 1918 Virus, and, most recently, the Corona-19 Virus to bring civilizations back down to earth, back to reality.

            In our case, as we pull on the levers of our Democratic Republic, we find that we have become the “unruly mob” problem we knew and feared would be our undoing. Usually the optimist, I am always looking for the silver lining in all the storm clouds forming on the horizon.

            This time, the very balance of and with nature is out of whack- off kilter. In the past, within our brief 245-year- U.S-history, our built-in safeguards kicked in and our American ingenuity, integrity, inspiration, and ideals prevented us from catastrophe.

            Now we face a minority population (Republicans with resources) who have turned their backs on math, science and the rule of law. They pre-program themselves with a steady diet of what they want to be the news and what they wish were true instead of facing the actual facts and being truthful with themselves and their children. Now we are facing the truth generational split over proven debunked lies. Yet, swallow more, even bigger lies they must, to keep their stories, myths, fanaticism and conspiracy theories alive.

            College never prepares one totally for life, yet education offers classifications and majors for areas of study: mathematics, English, journalism, and biology. Universities need to now offer courses on how to deal with the fact-less, truth-less and clueless people who are proving to be education and knowledge-resistant.


            The more we shift power, money and influence away from the equal footing of equality and justice, the more the entire national apple cart is less stable in its simi-posi-track-sion-al grip of the road. “One person-one vote” is the cornerstone principle our Democracy was supposedly built on in 1776. But there are those who would tamper with this clear dictum, to bend it to their will.

            Our future depends on our learning from others’ downfall so we do not repeat bad behavior or create an “alternate” republic within our democracy. The more our society clings to the bad math that only values Whitey, the further out of equilibrative whack we become, the more the possibility that – one day we will be no more dusty has-beens, taking about could have and should have been. In the same way, the tire that is un-true cannot be ridden, the society without a single version of true “truth” is doomed for the pending fall. 

Sean C. Bowers has written the last twenty-three years, as a White Quaker Southern man, for the nations’ third oldest Black Newspaper, the New Journal and Guide, of Norfolk, VA, about overcoming racism, sexism, classism, and religious persecution. Over fifty of his latest NJ&G articles (2008-2021) detailing the issues can found by searching “Sean C. Bowers” on the NJ&G website. Contact him directly by e-mail V1ZUAL1ZE@aol.com  NNPA 2019 Publisher of the Year, Brenda H. Andrews (NJ&G 34 years) has always been his publisher.

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