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Local Voices: Impeach Justice Alito

“In a passionate plea, Shedrick Byrd of Norfolk urges for the impeachment of Justice Alito following controversy over an upside-down American flag at his residence, highlighting concerns about judicial ethics and respect for national symbols.”

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By Shedrick Byrd

When I turned on the news the other morning a panel of news pundits were discussing a photo of an upside-down flag flying at Associate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s house.  My first inclination was “What happened?”  Is he OK?  My understanding after 20 years in the military is when the U.S. flag is flown upside-down that means that an American is in distress and needs assistance.

As I listened further, there was conversation about him refusing to recuse himself from cases related to the 2020 January 6 insurrection.  So far, he has refused to recuse himself from any of the cases related to the insurrection.

They said when Alito was asked why the American flag was flying up-side down in his yard he first declared innocence saying he never knew it was there.  He then said his wife put it there. When asked why he didn’t have her to take it down, he said he asked her to but she refused to take it down.

I feel impeachment procedures should be started against Alito.  The American flag means too much to the country to have a supreme court judge allow his wife to post an up-side American flag on their lawn.  Alito sits on the court as if nothing happened.

I don’t care how much the Democrat and Republican legislators hate each other personally or politically, they should all have serious concern and come together on this issue.  This is an American issue and any one of our legislators who don’t take this issue serious should not be in office.  They should band together to reprimand justice Alito for his disrespect for the American flag.  This is such an egregious act it needs special attention.

When I was in the military we had to salute the flag sometimes four times a day, in the morning at reveille, taps at night and every time we passed a flag during the day.  If you were caught not saluting the flag you would be punished.   You may have been given non-Judicial punishment depending how many times you may have been caught.  Disrespecting the American flag could also have caused you to be sentenced to the brig or even dismissed from the service.  Why should a Supreme Court Justice be allowed to disrespect the American flag and no punishment is done to him?   

Both Alito and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should be impeached and thrown out of the Supreme Court because they both are unlawful and cannot be trusted to rule for fair justice for the American people.  The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land and must have judges on the bench who are there to service the American people and not take advantage of being on the court to serve themselves.

The Supreme Court is presently a self-serving organization and has no rules to monitor the unlawful behavior of the Justices.



Shedrick Byrd lives in Norfolk and is a contributor to the New Journal and Guide.

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