Monday, June 26, 2017


A day after Taylor Dumpson, who is an African-American woman, was elected to be student body president at American University, nooses and bananas (some with the words “AKA Free” on them) were found hanging in various places on the American University campus. Dumpson is a member of the historically Black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA). […]

In 1827, with the publication of the “Freedom’s Journal,” John Russwurm and Reverend Samuel Cornish established the Black Press and boldly declared their mission: to be the voice the African-American community, standing up for victims of injustice, and championing the unsung. Dedicated, resilient and strong Black women, who account for a significant number of the […]

The oldest Black business industry in America began 190 years ago this month. On March 16, 1827, the first edition of the “Freedom’s Journal” was published, thrusting African-Americans into the bustling publishing business. At the time, Blacks in America weren’t even considered citizens, most were slaves and forbidden to read or write. However, John Russwurm […]

Rev. Samuel Cornish launched the first newspaper for people of color in 1827; so, would he scroll through today’s newspaper websites and smile, like the proud parent who sees traces of himself in his adult child? The problem is Cornish died in 1858 at age 63 in Brooklyn, N.Y., about three decades after he launched […]

Invariably as a Christian, the notion of Satan will come up and that conversation can range from soup to nuts, as we all know. I am often encouraged in these, sometimes crazy, discussions that God’s plan is very precise and obvious to those looking for His Word. My favorite point of reference in all of […]

WASHINGTON, D.C. The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) recently announced it had received a $1.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The funding will support a three-year, multi-media public awareness campaign focused on the unique opportunities and challenges of the recently enacted Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). With this grant, NNPA which […]

By Stacy M. Brown (NNPA Newswire Contributor) It’s a trend that many are hoping won’t just turn into a passing fad. Late last month, Essence magazine noted that after years of slow-burning idealism, #BuyBlack has seen a community-wide takeoff. And, as the holiday season moves into full swing, the #BuyBlack campaign has led many to […]

By Raynard Jackson NNPA Newswire Columnist President-elect Donald Trump owes the Black community absolutely nothing. Let me repeat that: HE OWES US NOTHING! Blacks gave Trump just 8 percent of their vote and Hillary Clinton won 88 percent; Clinton’s share of Black voters was considerably lower than Obama’s 93 percent in 2008 and 96 percent […]

By Bill Fletcher, Jr. (NNPA Newswire Columnist) I was sitting at a Starbucks trying to mind my own business and right next to me two individuals were discussing the aftermath of the November 8th presidential elections. At one point they began discussing the protests that have spontaneously spread across the United States in the aftermath […]

By James Clingman NNPA Newswire Columnist Since our political discussions are now X-rated, so much so that we must ask children to leave the room before we watch the news, the speeches, and the debates, it’s time to add another unmentionable to the X-rated list: Social Security. Silly me, that pales in comparison to what’s […]