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Va. NAACP Calls On State To Condemn Hanover KKK Rally


Virginia State Conference NAACP President Kevin L. Chandler, local NAACP leaders and members statewide are expressing outrage by a recent KKK rally in Hanover County.

Chandler and the NAACP expressed concern over the judgement of the Hanover County Sheriff officials and Hanover Board of Supervisors Chair in protecting the public’s interest from this and other racially tinged incidents.

“It is unfortunate Hanover County officials did not immediately act to disperse the illegal KKK protesters,” said Chandler in an NAACP press release. “To let them know that Hanover County officials and its residents won’t condone hate and racism.”

He continued, “It is equally disturbing that the KKK members are reported to be from the same KKK Klavern that protested in Charlottesville that resulted in 30 injuries and the death of Heather Heyer. The group is from Pelham, N.C., and is reported to be one of the most active Klaverns in America.”

Chandler said, “It is not a far stretch to assume the protest on the 4th of July weekend might be a precursor to other larger events in Hanover County, or other parts of Virginia. The prospect of this reality is alarming.

“It concerns us that the Hanover County event, along with the distribution of hundreds of recruitment flyers in Hanover, in February, might be ‘the camel’s head in the tent,’ and merely a probe to test the tenacity of Hanover County officials.

Chandler further stated, “The Virginia State Conference NAACP immediately calls on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors, and the Hanover County Sheriff Hines, to denounce these displays of hatred; and make public announcements that Hanover County will not tolerate these behaviors.”

The group also called on “Governor Ralph Northam, and Attorney General Mark Herring, to speak out against the KKK protesting in Hanover County; – and anywhere else in Virginia – as acts of intimidation, racism and terrorist threats toward all Virginians.”

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The Virginia State Conference NAACP has 61 branches across Virginia.

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