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Soiree en Blanc



The Toulon Committee of the Norfolk Sisters Cities Association (NSCA) hosted another great annual Soiree en Blanc, this year in the Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk, on August 11. The annual fundraising event supports NSCA programs and also offers an opportunity for NSCA members to share information about the 50-year-old association’s mission to promote global peace and partnerships with cities across the world. In addition to Toulon, France, other Sister Cities include Kitakyushu, Japan; Wilhelmshaven, Germany; Norfolk County, England, UK; Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Kaliningrad, Russia; Kochi, India; Ningbo-Beilon, China; and Tema, Africa. In photo are four members of the Tema Committee and their guests. (L-R: Charlene Christopher (NSCA member), Ernest Lowery, Brenda H. Andrews (NSCA member), Dr. Gloria Hagans (NSCA member), Regina Davis, Chloe Jones, Guest, and Dr. Sarah Peoples-Perry (NSCA member).

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