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Social and Civic Whirl

Social and Civic Whirl: The Marilyn McMillan-Doris Griffin Missionary Society Celebrated 20 Years

The Marilyn McMillan-Doris Griffin Missionary Society dedicated their 20th Anniversary Program to Co-Chair Deacon David Walker for his many years of unselfish service to the Church and the community. Dr. Anita James, Mistress of Ceremony for the wonderful concert presented by the Boys Choir of Hampton Roads, Prayed and read the Scripture which followed the audience singing the Missionary Hymn – “This is My Mission.” Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Lee, Jr., Pastor of Bank Street Memorial Baptist Church Welcomed the audience.

With Julius E. McCullough, Artistic Director, Mrs. Geraldine T. Boone, Founder and Accompanist and Randy Walston, Guest Accompanist, the Boys Choir of Hampton Roads began the Program with, “Brothers Sing On,” their signature song. Choir member David Whyte prayed a beautiful heartfelt humbling prayer. “Jesus Christ Is the Way,” and “Pie Jesu” featured the melodious voices of Devarr Brickhouse and Ian Poole. The Choir sang “The Majesty and Glory of Your Name,” and “Ave Maria.” Devarr Brickhouse was the soloist for a “City Called Heaven.” By the time Part I of the Program ended, those in attendance gave the young men a rousing applause and a standing ovation. The attendees were in awe of the voices they heard.

During the Intermission, Chair of the Missionary Society Carolyn Hill presented a plaque to Divida Walker Chapman who received it in honor of her father Deacon David. After Intermission and the Offertory, Denise Ahkey performed a Praise Dance. Ian Poole, in his unbelievable voice sang “The Lord’s Prayer” by Julius E. McCullough. A jazz song “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing” by Duke Ellington showed the versatility of the Boys Choir and spiced up the repertoire. The Choir closed the Concert by singing “I Am His Child,” “Make Them Hear You,” and with their favorite closing song – “We’re The Men.” Deacon Melvin Walker gave the Benediction to an outstanding afternoon Concert that was enthusiastically enjoyed by all.

If you are interested in having a young man or young men, between the ages of 7 and 18, become a member of the Boys Choir of Hampton Roads contact Julius E. McCullough at (757) 553-7545 for audition information. The young men are afforded the opportunity to perform and engage in exciting and wonderful educational experiences through travel. This year, several of the youth nicknamed “The Magnificent Seven” participated in the National Convention of the National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc. (NANM) in New Orleans, Louisiana. While at the Convention, they performed during the Youth/Junior Concert and received “thunderous applause and a standing ovation” for their performance. In addition, the boys went on an excursion to the Whitney Plantation which is a notable landmark that was built by slaves and their descendants. The Museum pays “homage to all slaves on the Whitney Plantation and to all slaves who lived elsewhere in the South.”

Call and sign some young men up for this experience where academics and discipline are stressed along with the singing. As Deacon Melvin Walker stated in his Benediction, these young boys/men have been “ANOITED WITH HEAVENLY VOICES.”

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