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Black Arts and Culture

Loved Acting Coach At Norfolk Venue Relocates From Area

By BoBo Bottom
Special to the Guide

On Sunday evening Jan.26, 47 students, professional actors, poets, and friends, gathered at the Venue on 35th to share food, music, and personal testimonies to a man dearly loved, Marlon Hargrave.

Moreover, many of those testimonies dealt with issues far beyond involvement in Theatre and the Performing Arts. A few of them, (testimonies), were personal, some concerned his fierce desire to gain community involvement, and a deeper appreciation for the presence of the Venue on 35th.  However, each testimony had, as its common denominator, love and respect for Marlon Hargrave. On Thursday ,Jan. 30, he conducted his last class, after seven years at the Venue.

For over two decades, Marlon Hargrave has professionally trained actors and performing artists. As a teaching artist, Mr. Hargrave employs his extensive knowledge of acting  techniques from  Stanislavski, Strasberg, Meisner, Adler, Hagen, Shurtleff, Spolin, Berry, Barr, and Caine to train talent ranging from children to adults. Marlon also trains poets, comedians, writers, singers, rappers, storytellers, and public speakers on professional performance development, etiquette, and execution.

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