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Local Voices: Nuclear (Trump) Option

On Mother’s Day, I digress, as the swamp drains and catches fire like the Cuyahoga River. It burns both good and bad, red and blue, black and white, me and you.

A totally different type of candidate was sold, one whom NO ONE could tame, control or hold, one who never stuck to a story, version or the truth be told, we are now finding out gets too fast, too old.

CON-Weighing, the processing of reality into a multi-layered de-RIVER-itives alternative maze, escape, truth-avoidance, alibi systemic approach to our government. As it turns out, this is a bad thing and dangerous for ‘Merica’s health- who knew?

Spritzing used to be when we did a last minute clean-up before guests; now White House press conferences take semi-presidential tweets, comments, actions, super IMPOSING DIC-TATOR-TORIALS as if they were just singing the new Staples Singers freedom anthems of our new (that they want) truth-free, fact-free, tax-free, duty-free world.

Threatening to cancel these daily Trumparian comedic events would all but end satire as we know it and would surely cause a global laughter downturn.

Wondering what America’s MAX stress test is, is no longer an academic theoretical hypothetical; it is being played out live in HI- DEF without a REF, on WI-FI throughout the fire-wired world as we approach the sophoMORONric imperical with a goal of Empirical.

While different timeless governmental pillars, departments, positions, institutions and safeguards burn like dumpsterfireflies as far as the eye can see, these are Trump’s new legacy; reverse-engineered Christian cross bread anti-muslimac cannibalistic miniature remote-controlled tweeting parakeeters. One person sleeps well every night, knowing tomorrow is just another day in the life to create more havoc, more rhetoric, more horrific, all labeled intentionally mislabeled terrific (should have been Terror-rific.)

Simply put this heretic, is a bloodsucking Tic.

This is the new reality of the whitest collar criminality, the time of timid ness is over, we have a full blown STrumpD and we have to get a penicillin XXXX fix for TICs and hope the virus hasn’t yet Mutan-Putun-tated.

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Ronald Reagan’s Republican grave roots must be looped de looping, knowing that we out-spent Russia bankrupting her and US to bring down “the Wall,” only to now hand it over lock and key- the shining city on the landfill. Our extemporary lights of liberty, freedom, and justice are dim (witted) by the ultimate circus barker nit wit, tweet twit. We edge ever closer to Try-um- Trump-ian Trutopia.

No one ever gets to fire those who investigate them. If we did, the rule of law could never stand. But that’s just the tip of the Donal-berg: this $^&$@*&%^$, has the nerve to frame the FBI director’s firing as Sir Handsy Hair’s response to maiden Hillery’s distress during the 2016 campaign; knowing full well that his “Lock-Her-Up” gas cans are still in his Jersey off-shore paid for storage units, code named 1980’s-2000’s Greatest Ponzi Trump Ripoffs, (The Lost Behind The Books Episodes.)

They are being repainted, rebranded, reloaded for 2020 Return of the (LUNAR)TIC, with the Space Parasite and the One nation under his groove, soundtrack. But no, that’s not enough; the ex-casino owner can not only DIC-TATOR the terms of his historical actions unaccountability, but he can insert the Doubting Thomas Biblical triple-play into the (wanna be real) lightening bolt letter, declaring his repeated innocence three times. Not since that original cock crowed, has there been a less innocent one or one who raised more doubt.

Christians have to, at some point, wake up or they will be going to the place they try and scare everyone else with; Washington is the new hell. Hot in the summers, insufferable the rest of the year, especially around budget time. Little known fact: we are so poor as a nation now we can’t afford to pay for the light to read our own proposed bills, laws and amendments before we vote on them (and because their vampires of the empire can’t come out into the daylight.)

Seems moderate Republicans who will denounce Trump are rare indeed. Funny how the branding one pretends to label others with, really is one-size-fits-all (made in China). So when people talk about the shambles of a post-Trump nuclear world war, those shambles are good options compared to the damage he is, as a walking talking Twit Tweeter, sound biter.

When you put a pyromaniac in charge of the Fire Department, everything must go and burning everything to the ground is the result. In global warming terms, even the least educated can understand, when you burn EARTH with FIRE, you have to then use the WATER to put it out. Then you have to try and breathe any leftover clean AIR. Earth good, Fire Bad, Donald Fire Chief, really bad. Where have we, as Americans, allowed our nation to be taken? Sad! He, little hands and all, is the nuclear option!

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide for eighteen years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available via e-mail at and he does make large-scale solutions presentations upon request.

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