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Local Voices: Afraid of the Wolf In The House

It should not be surprising to decent honest thinking people today, what we hear in the news from the White House.

To have a President who does not regard the truth, does not respect other people, does not know his smart business sense does not measure up for Presidential sense, does not know his wealth is not sufficient to persuade every individual, does not know all his appointees are not as clever liars as he, does not know he needs to listen to somebody, and most dangerous, does NOT know that he does NOT know, is as he says,” SO SAD, SO SAD”.

Trump clearly showed who he was during his campaign. We should not be surprised when anyone, especially the now President of the United States of America, has so much hatred in his heart for President Barack Obama who had served this nation well and honorably for eight years.

This man in the President’s seat is setting the most dangerous and disgraceful examples to this nation and to the world. He lies about anyone and anything he wants to lie about and continues to get away with it. That, however, is because those who have sold their souls to the devil trying to destroy President Obama for eight years prepared the climate for this, what we are now dealing with.

His smooth flow of words and con artist ability fooled many into supporting him, believing all the great promises he made. Some who fell for it don’t want to admit it now and those he has appointed are now afraid of the wolf in the closet and dare not speak in opposition to him.

It appears he is shrewd, smart and evil enough to wind people up in a web, preparing them for bait to be used later to carry out his malicious desires. I do not think the majority who voted him in office did not recognize his FAKE messages and actions. But, when he brought out the KKK, the rifle association, the hate moguls, the religious right, the Evangelicals and others who hide behind the scenes with their bias and racial opinions, are of the same thought caliber as Trump and fell for his rhetoric.

They felt this man is just the right person to do all the dirty things they want done against certain people, add to their wealth, and become a millionaire like Trump. For someone to be so professional at lying, it’s hard to not believe this has been his true style or habit for most of his life, and to change now cannot be expected.

Maybe if the money trail could be followed, and tax returns revealed of this bigger than thou man, it may better help people understand what this nation has been struggling to understand for the past four plus months, trying to distinguish between the truth and lies from the most unpredictable President this nation has ever known.

It does no good for our country to have a President who says things, does things and makes big announcements of what he is going to do, before he finds out the proper legal procedure to follow and the certainty of the statement, before making any announcement.

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Signing legislative bills and holding up the document waving it to the world and later to discover the proper procedure was not followed, shows ignorance of the position he holds. He repeats promises over and over as he did, saying that on the first day in office, he was going to repeal the affordable health bill. It wasn’t because the bill was the disaster he claimed it was, because he has proved that he does not know what is in the bill. It is that he is determined to try to destroy everything President Obama had gotten passed out of jealousy, hate, malice and greed.

For more than eight years Trump, the Republican Congress and others have worked desperately to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Plan, which they renamed Obama Care. They have not repealed it or replaced it, neither have they contributed anything to make it better.

President Obama never said the bill was perfect; he also invited them to contribute to the bill through the process, but to no avail. Common sense would tell anyone to try to improve what was finally achieved after previous presidents have tried unsuccessfully twenty or more years to get a health plan. Such actions applies to many other things that Trump is trying to change, repeal, discard or destroy which has been accomplished by other presidents.

This want-to-be unpredictable President does have some distinct differences from other presidents. He cannot accept corrections, suggestions, or warnings; he is controlling, bullying demanding and has the idea he knows the best about everything and that he can do what he thinks of without anyone else’s input.

Considering the status of our nation at this point, if there are any honest thinking truthful Representatives in Washington, it is time for them to wake up and take responsibility for their actions and inactions, regardless of their political persuasion or position. They need to distinguish between truth and lies, and take proper actions to address the serious problems the nation is facing. No nation can thrive when every statement made or every move made is questionable and lies continue to build one on another. A serious situation demands serious actions. The future of the country is at state, take charge of it before it’s too late. It is evident that extremely smart business sense does not share in smart common sense.

Ruby H. Walden, a very concerned citizen, is a lifetime citizen of Suffolk, Virginia. She has spent most of her adult life volunteering in the community, civic, public, political, and municipal services, city and state-wide.

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