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Being Great Grandmother By Judith Boatwright

“Becoming a great-grandmother has brought forth a newfound sense of joy and purpose in my life. With each moment spent with my precious granddaughter, I am reminded of the blessings that come with family and the beauty of cherishing every precious moment.”

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Being Great Grandmother

By Judith Boatwright

I’ve always felt

as long as i can remember

that I had a story to share

and tell for many years,

holding back the tears

– not of sadness or dismay

but because I was given recently

the opportunity of becoming

a great-grandmother to the


most adorable pearl of a girl.

I now find myself in a maze

of pure joy

—even though it wasn’t a

bouncing baby boy.

I know now what my

true purpose is in this life

—despite all my strife

born to soar to the highest

altitude with an outstanding attitude,


given an extraordinary mind

beyond measure

making this woman of God

an awesome cherished treasure.


Judith T Boatwright, age 73, resides in Chester, VA. She is a 1969 graduate of Maury High, Norfolk, and the recipient of several poetic awards that are part of the Library of Congress.

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