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4-4 “Hall of Fame” Nominations For Coach Ronald Jenkins In 46 Days, After 32 years

“Coach Ronald Jenkins, a coaching legend, receives four Hall of Fame nominations for his unparalleled achievements.”

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Coach Ronald Jenkins and Sean Bowers

By Sean C. Bowers

On Pearl Harbor Day last week, I was able to drop four CONFIRMED “HOF” GOOD NEWS FORMAL NOMINATION bombs simultaneously, thereby raising up and honoring the BEACH DISTRICT’s BEST-EVER COACH to his earned rightful place of unparalleled greatness for consideration and state-wide recognition in those hallowed historic halls.

Also formally nominated for the 2024-2025 Virginia Sports Hall of Fame class with Coach Jenkins are his former players he coached to greatness in Virginia and Nationally: They Include 1970s First Colonial All-American’s Jimi Galin, South Carolina; Guy Morgan, Wake Forest; First Colonial’s Barry Mitchell, 1983 Tidewater Player of the Year, NSU player, 7-time CBA Champion; First Colonial’s Darryl Dozier, 1982 Tidewater Player of the Year, leading rebounder in the nation as a freshman at NAIA Gilford College; Bayside’s HS 1990 and 1991 Virginia AAA State Champion, Mario Mullen, ODU; Cape Henry Collegiate Private School Conferences leading scorer 1981 and 1982, David Ford, North Carolina Wesleyan; Mount Vernon HS 1982 Sean C. Bowers, #1 Ranked VIRGINIA AAA (1982), two-time state champion, 1983 Missouri State Region XVI NJCAA Champion, 7th in the Nation at “HUTCH,” Moberly Area CC, Coach 1989 Chief Sealth HS Washington State AA, Seattle Metro Champions, Played at the Nation’s all-time winningest #1 JUNIOR COLLEGE, Moberly Area CC./ Grand View College.

This week we celebrate Coach Jenkins. “Justice is best served, by being of service for others, especially all our sisters and brothers.” Champions champion others to their own championship accomplished heights as newly formed branches from their former player/coaching tree they grew and guided so that justice shall forever prevail.

Coach Jenkins taught me and all my Virginia Beach Junior High teammates, classmates, faculty, staff, referees, administration, district, region, state, community, and parents those principles in 1976-1979. He singled-handedly stepped in between two angry racially charged mobs of viewers of the (then recently) released “ROOTS” Television show mini-series, where he defused those ticking time bombs that day by stating loudly and clearly, “No TV show was going to tear apart our school, community, family and team, ever.”

Coach Ronald Jenkins, 52 -years 1972 NSU graduate, task master, mentor, teacher, educator, motivator, male-role-model, father-figure, example, winner, champion, leader, listener, friend, Man, son, brother, comedian, finally now, COACH NOMINATED in 4 X Virginia Halls of Famer 2024-2025, and below myth buster.

History always honors the first, the best and still the only back-to-back, 2-time Virginia AAA state championship winning coach of any of the three major sports, FROM ANY BEACH DISTRICT SCHOOL, TEAM, SPORT, COACH, OF ANY COLOR. That historical evidence, blows up the MYTH-“ONLY certain ones can coach, or win the big one(s),” back-to-back, no matter how long it was they attempted to ignore those historic feats.

Ronald Jenkins DESTROYS that (pale face created narrative) myth, when he will always have been the first, and still, the only Coach to ever do that, in the old Confederacy’s Virginia Beach coaching ranks. That is HOF by ALL definitions.

Congratulations Coach Jenkins all Virginia Beach and the 757-area-code already knew you were HOF, and loved you, TRUE! Justice now accurately means true justice, no longer the old boys’ “just us,” club. Especially, 32-years after those historic record-setting championships were won.




DO YOU SUPPORT VB school DISTRICT and BAYSIDE HS renaming the court after THE ONLY 2-Time VA State Championship Coach, Ronald Jenkins, on February 9th, 2024?

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