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2021: The Year of the Woman

By Sean C. Bowers

“Know Your Value” has become a mantra, theme, pay strategy, and mandatory practice for all women and young girls, despite what any discounting men, organizations, publications, news outlets, social media sites, politicians, the government, husbands, boyfriends, bosses, co-workers or relatives might say or even believe. Women are not only worth their weight in gold, worth their salt, worth every penny. Women are worth way more than just a second look, at their looks—women stand tallest of all.

Knowing your value always begins at home and has to be reinforced every day. In every youth presentation I do, comes the part done, for all the young ladies. I ask, “how many of you are given an allowance from your parents?’ I present a self-educated self-empowered female example. “If you as young ladies don’t have your own, have your own money-making skills, career, drive to succeed and be self-sustaining, too many men will want to clip your wings and stifle your independence by putting you on an allowance. If you don’t make your own way, you get chosen by men and often coerced into their way.

Here is a simple statistically proven, three-step formula for success. My social paradigm states that if you do these three things in this order, your life will unfold more smoothly and you will almost never end up in poverty.

1. Graduate High School/College/Trade School 2. Get Married 3. Choose Whether To Have Children. If you don’t stick to those three criteria in that EXACT order, no matter your color, you will almost always pass through or end up in poverty.

Young girls, like my three granddaughters, have to know their own self-worth. They need to fully understand that their self-worth and value are never determined by others. Others only have power over you, if and when, you allow it to happen.

For excellent examples, our young ladies need look no further than the two new professional women entering the White House as Vice-President and First Lady.

As the first female Black woman of East Indian descent, Kamala Harris never limited herself. She became a High School, College, Law School- graduate, a lawyer, prosecutor, U.S. Senator, wife, and mother. Kamala Harris proved that all things are possible, for young women, of any color.

Dr. Jill Biden, the in-coming first lady who is a decorated teacher, professor, mother, and wife who also has never limited herself. The “Wall Street Journal” has suggested that Dr. Biden drop the “Dr.” she earned, insinuating that somehow a philosophical doctorate is a less meaningful accomplishment than a medical doctor’s designation.


Self-definition for women in the year 2021 will be the rule. You are each priceless and you are the only ones, who can do yourselves justice.

I came to this conclusion over a lifetime of exposure to the countless great, professional, driven, powerful, funny, and intelligent women along my path; beginning with my single-parent Mom who raised me from poverty alone on her own, for the most part.

Another example of expertise and talent is Mrs. Brenda H. Andrews, the publisher of the “New Journal & Guide.” For three decades she has carried forth the torch of professional female empowerment and self-definition for all Black folks and women. Being awarded the highest “NNPA 2019 Publisher of the Year” honor, surprised only the short-sighted men in her wake who sold her short.

Lastly, I would like to recognize my accomplished wife of seven years, who is her family’s matriarch, oldest sister, oldest grandchild, granddaughter, mother, “nana,” medical industry professional training national leader, U.S. veteran, wife (and my boss) helping keep me straight. She has never limited herself, has always striven to do her best, and who relates to life honestly and with love. I make sure to do my (small) part to be her biggest fan her every success and accomplishment. Women of all races rejoice, because 2021 and beyond will be even better. Ladies ROCK, the boat and the world. Thank you.

Sean C. Bowers has written the last twenty-three years, as a White Quaker Southern man, for the nations’ third oldest Black Newspaper, the New Journal and Guide, of Norfolk, VA, about overcoming racism, sexism, classism, and religious persecution. Over fifty of his latest NJ&G articles (2008-2020) detailing the issues can found by searching “Sean C. Bowers” on the NJ&G website. Contact him directly by e-mail NNPA 2019 Publisher of the Year, Brenda H. Andrews (NJ&G 33 years) has always been his publisher.

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