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Local News in Virginia

State Sen. Alexander Gearing Up For Norfolk Mayoral Race

By Leonard E. Colvin

Chief Reporter

New Journal and Guide

Virginia State Senator Kenneth C. Alexander recently gave the strongest signal yet that the Norfolk politician and businessman may be gearing up to enter a race to determine who will be the next Mayor of Norfolk.

State Senator Alexander has filed papers to create the Friends of Norfolk Political Action Committee with the State Board of Elections, creating an organizational fund raising operation.

Alexander, whose district is in Norfolk, is the second person to show interest in running for Norfolk’s mayoral seat. Sheriff Bob McCabe announced weeks ago that he intends to run for the city’s highest political office.

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Alexander has said he would not run for mayor if the incumbent, Paul Fraim, seeks reelection.

During an interview with the Guide, Alexander did not acknowledge if he had any information or other indicators that Mayor Fraim was not seeking another term.

But if all three men should compete for the office, it will be a contest between three of the most powerful and visible politicians ever to serve in the city’s history.

All three of the men are highly regarded by African-American voters who would make a significant impact on the contest’s outcome.

Alexander, Fraim and McCabe have significant support among the church and civic leaders of Norfolk.

If Alexander should win, he would be the first African-American to secure that post. Norfolk and Virginia Beach, two of the region’s and the state’s largest cities are the only two cities in Hampton Roads which have not elected or selected a Black mayor.

“This is significant movement in a campaign I want to win and make Norfolk, a good city, into a great city,” said Alexander, who is married with two children. “I want to work on public safety, education infrastructure, continuing to better our housing stock and developing employment opportunities in every corner of this city.”

Like Mayor Fraim and Sheriff McCabe, Alexander is one of the most well-rounded and connected politicians in the region.

Alexander said that he has either served with or is a friend with all of the state’s eight Republican and three Democratic U.S. Congressmen.

He has is a close ally and has served with U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.

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At one point this year, when Alexander said that he was pulling back from running for mayor due to the his respect for Mayor Fraim, there was speculation that he would be laying the ground work to run for Lt. Governor in 2017.

Born in Norfolk he a graduate of Norfolk’s Lake Taylor High School.

He does not have military experience but he is a graduate of the Norwich Military Academy where he received a Master in Diplomacy.

He has held various commissions and panels for the city of Norfolk, including Planning and Development.

He has funeral service businesses in the Berkley and Wards Corner communities of Norfolk and in Portsmouth.

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