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Seeds of Hope: Let God Restore us!

It’s not a popular topic to talk about but it is a common feeling we all have at one time or another. No matter how great our achievements or how powerful we become, no one seems to escape feelings of defeat that come our way as we make our way through life. It started in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve rejected the guidance of God. They decided to go their own way and do their own thing and leave God out of their lives. It is impossible to imagine the beauty they enjoyed or the tranquility they were given. They were not satisfied with God’s plan and chose to reject it.

We read in God’s Word that when Israel was faithful to God, God was faithful to Israel. The army was triumphant and the people prospered. And when the people were disobedient, discontent and doubting, they were defeated, and at times, nearly destroyed. What was true then is equally true today. God cannot and will not bless any one or any nation that defies Him or His teachings. He will only bless those who follow His teachings and obey His laws. His nature demands righteousness and if we are faithful to Him we can count on His being faithful to us, giving us His best blessings individually and as a nation.

David experienced the rejection of God because of His disobedience. He could not restore his soul or the souls of his people. Only God could restore him when he repented. He knew this and prayed, “You have rejected us…You have been angry … now restore us!”
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