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Romney: Obama won by giving gifts to minority, young voters


There’s one question on the minds of some Obama voters this morning after hearing Mitt Romney’s 47%-esque statement about how he lost his hard-fought presidential bid last week: Where’s my gift?


According to NBC Latino, Romney says the primary reason Obama carried all but one of the swing states and topped him in the popular vote, despite what many of the polls initially predicted, was because he promised Black, Latino, and young voters “gifts.”  



Romney specified the “gifts” he was referring to in his statement.  He referenced Obama’s healthcare plan, immigration, and help with college for young voters.


Even some conservatives are pushing back on these less than welcoming comments. After such a resounding victory, many in the GOP are working hard to correct their mistakes by opening the doors for a more diverse party, while others are still spewing the same divisive rhetoric.


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Even one of his Latino supporters called the comments “a slap in the face,” according to NBC Latino.


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