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Norfolk Kappas Kick Off Their 2015 Middle School Leadership League

Special to the New Journal and Guide

The Norfolk, Virginia Alumni Chapter, of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. recently commenced its first official Kappa Instructional Leadership League (KL) meeting at Azalea Garden Middle School.

Hughes Valmond, coordinator of the KL, welcomed parents and students at the initial meeting. Valmond presented a brief overview of the purpose of KL’s mentoring program and noted that the fundamental

purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was achievement.

J.P. Page, director of the Chapter’s Guide Right Program, discussed with the group various trials and challenges that youth their age face and noted that the KL offered guidance and support to them in meeting the challenges and trials.

George F. Reed, member of the Guide Right Committee, explained the history of the Kappa Instructional Leadership League, and its purposes.

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He further noted the importance of mentoring, especially in the middle school because failure to graduate is strongly related to ninth grade failure, according to R. Cooper and S. Markoe-Hayes in their study titled “Improving the Educational Possibilities of Urban High School Students as They Transition from 8th to 9th Grade.”

Faced with increased academic demands, larger, more anonymous bureaucratic school environments, socially challenging school cultures, and limited knowledge about courses and skills needed in high school, mentoring can provide some skills and support relationships to acculturate students to the high school environment.

According to research, students need to be exposed to skills and behaviors to help them navigate the unfamiliar and more demanding terrain of high school, including problem-solving skills, time management, organizational skills, self-advocacy, and understanding where and when to seek help. The Kappa Instructional Leadership League focuses on academic education, training for leadership, training, competitive sports, and social development. The program helps the students to become learners rather than attendee in school.

Approximately 22 students and several parents attended the first organizational meeting conducted by J.P. Paige, Chapter Guide Right Director, Hughes Valmond, Kappa League coordinator, and George Reed, Guide Right Committee member.

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