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Black Community Opinions

Local Voices: The Presidential Abyss Election of 2016

By Sean C. Bowers

Our so bitterly divided nation is poised at the edge of the point of no return. With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, many have closed minds and ranks. The (think they’re) RIGHT speak openly of honoring the election’s results, but only if they win. Months ago when that seemed almost a real possibility, the RIGHT would have screamed bloody murder had those on the LEFT so much as whispered such a sophomoric approach.

The RIGHT reminds me of those sports fans who blame the referees when their obviously inferior team gets trounced. It’s never their team’s fault, or they honestly got beat and weren’t good enough … the sun was in our eyes, the wind was blowing, our uniforms were not washed with the right conditioner … our underwear was too tight or too loose in this case. The RIGHT is like a guy who approaches the beautiful woman at the club that he obviously is attracted to. When he is shot down in flying colors or more often told politely, “No, thank you,” by her, all of the sudden she is called the “B-Word” because she said “No,” or in our nation’s case, rendered an overwhelming resounding, “OH-HELL”-TO-THE- “NO!”

America is a nation of many people from all walks of life. Our people get their news and information from a wide variety of sources within the media and now social media. To attempt in any way to paint the entire media as liberal has long been a deceptive distractive strategic blundering blurring technique to de-legitimize the opinions that do not fit the RIGHT’s narrow “wanna-be-all-white-again” worldview fairy tale narrative (with apologies to the Grimm Brothers).

The way big tobacco for years denied science, death rates and the facts about how smoking is (and always has been) dangerous, is the same way the RIGHT now denies that Global Warming is real, man-made and a major danger to the entire planet’s future, It is as always, based on money-obsessed logic, with the ever-present gloom-and-worst-case-scenario doom. If they were about to win in any way, shape, or form, the RIGHT would surely expect the LEFT to acquiesce as Al Gore already did in the 2000 election with Bush’s highly contested results. The RIGHT has no honor, no sportsmanship, and sets an example none of our children can learn from or even try to follow.

By choosing the candidate they did with their own primary votes, the RIGHT steered themselves directly into an oncoming collision course with an historic and epic butt-whipping election result on November 8th. The low, to no class, crass spoiled rich little handed brat with racist and misogynistic tendencies choice they made was not contested or rigged then. Yet now, when the rest of us Americans with half a brain, half a sense of decency and a real sense of self-preservation for the nation as a whole, refuse to drink their sure suicide Kool-aid, suddenly we’re the one who are wrong and have played unfair.

The reality is, America is smart enough to not listen to, get sucked in by and vote for a repeatedly proven rude bully with chauvinistic sexual predator tendencies and a dubious relationship with the truth. All I ask is to be moved to the front of the coming lawsuit line. I want to come right after the dozen or so lawsuits over women’s cases that have come forward with sexual abuse claims.

When any candidate steps into the political arena, they should have learned that they don’t control the media, the debates, the questions, and in the end, the people’s votes. Every candidate must earn America’s vote, not just the Right’s ever-shrinking vote. America will be fine. She will go on. She will overcome the RIGHT’s poor excuse of a candidate who still thinks (and thought) he could pull one over on all of us. Yea, though I walk through the shadows of the valley’s polling station, I am proudly armed only with my vote and my integrity.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide the last eighteen years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available at and he does do large scale solution based presentations.

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