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Black Community Opinions

Local Voices: Not My President, But Our President

By Sean C. Bowers

Twice now in the past sixteen years, the candidate I voted for won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College, and therefore the presidency.

Now, as good citizens, we must unite, heal and, yes, pray for this elected official, even though we may have disagreed with his positions. I previously made the case against him, not so subtly, in past Guide articles in an attempt to show the President-Elect’s warts and all.

The election results of 2016 showed all of us the diminishing prospect of America continuing to build on Barack Obama’s progressive foundational building blocks of advancement.
Skeptical as I am and must be, I am an American, and want to believe that our nation is strong enough to withstand anything, even the words it has taken me nearly a month to utter, “a Donald Trump Presidency.”

We each now have a new mandate to strive for and to obtain as we bond together in our ongoing struggle to overcome. We must be mindful, watchful, hopeful, helpful, and peaceful, as we attempt to achieve for perfection’s unattainable precipice in our spheres of influence. As we each bring forth our best, we generate a positive love force that an army of Trumps could never muster, nor withstand. The example we now set for the world is our greatest test.

‘Tis our prayerful understanding with ever-present watchful eyes (and cell phone cameras) to document, record and uphold the public’s trust. The Guide now becomes an historical keeper-of-the-truth as never before because in this new political age, the facts have become both victims and casualties.

Our nation’s racial, gender and class struggles will continue to be chronicled with faithful weekly updates as they have been since the Guide’s humble beginnings over 116 years ago.

We, the Guide,
Place our love on God’s side,
All along our far too long ride,
To bear this cross, across every divide,
In the Lord’s Prayer we peacefully reside,
As to the rescue of our better nature’s angels, we glide,
As we learn to respect each other’s pride,
All of us, at home here in America, no river, stream, or difficulty too wide

We will give Donald J. Trump the support he deserves and earns by only best protecting ALL Americans. We are the nation’s most precious cargo. We are the backbone, the heart and soul of America, and we are united in our American dream.

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President Trump, you can do the right things to unite our nation and become a president who accomplishes things never before dreamed. As we place America in your hands, Mr. President, you must also know there are several areas where (some believe) you have already said or done the wrong thing during your campaign or before.

With some citizens, you, Sir, have less trust (ZERO TRUST,) less respect (NO RESPECT,) less belief (NO BELIEF), less optimism, A PESSIMISTIC PERSPECTIVE.

But you also now have the opportunity to surprise all of us.

It stands to reason, Mr. President, if you really wanted to address all our nation’s people and her crumbling infrastructure, you could begin by doing so right here in our American inner cities. Construction highway bridge projects, landscaping, engineering training programs provide something that all Americans can be a part of in the process of rebuilding America.

The new “rebuilt” America would be a place where we do not judge one another’s color, sex, class or religion. Instead we need to focus on the character building of each other’s ability to contribute to a better America. That would be an America where peace isn’t just a dream, but it is a reality in the weary hearts of every citizen, city, countryside, and town.

While I did not vote for Mr. Trump, I love America more than to wish him bad luck or failure and I am resolved to support his Presidency as best I can.

I will not blindly oppose him (as the Republicans did in lockstep, during Obama’s eight years.) We all will, however, reserve the right to hold Trump accountable; his performance alone will dictate our length of loyalty, respect and allegiance. If he can show respect for ALL Americans they may learn to respect him, even as a candidate they initially didn’t want or vote for.

Republicans, remember this example set by the nation’s progressive left, so if in future elections, your candidate wins the popular vote, but loses the electoral college, you will be able to gracefully acquiesce for the benefit of the country and our nation’s peaceful passage of power tradition.

So now it’s on you, Mr. Trump, and it’s actually on all of U.S.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide the last Seventeen years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available at V1ZUAL1ZE@AOL.COM or #333-3029 and he does do large scale solutions presentations.

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