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Local Voices: Mr. Trump: “You’re Fired”

By Sean C. Bowers

Note: This column is inspired by Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s recent Washington Post Opinion-editorial, and Mr. Trump’s predictable subsequent attack on of one the nation’s greatest athletes, champions, and thoughtful citizens ever. Kareem not only stood up, he redefined and raised multiple generation’s self-image and self-expectations. To Kareem, you changed the game and our very American landscape with your Skyhook, courage, mind and grace. Thank you.

The super storm, “Donald” has run its course like a bout of diarrhea. This storm has authored its own political “blame game” shame-based auto-biographical post- boredom, more-dumb in typical, tyrannical, tycoonical fashion.

A few of his favorite tactics: attacking the questioner, persecuting the defenseless, bully pulpiting those who are different, and killing the dead horse messenger once more. He is just another in a long line of “Tricky Dick” hicks stopping just short of mentally canning people with sticks. All the money in the world won’t make him legit, honorable, trustworthy, leadership material or to be taken seriously.

When your greatest accomplishment in life comes from having had a fortune handed to you, you really haven’t proven yourself a viable candidate. You have only further, NO FURTHEREST, exemplified the ugly American, spoken of around the world in hushed and disappointedly crushed tones.

When firing people is your strongest trait other than building and rebuilding ponzi scheme derivative free-based illusionary paper real estate empires, you should know the truth about yourself: you’re a trite, knee-jerk reactionary whose retro-racist ways are both ludicrous and ridiculous.

Yet still Trump marches forth, undauntedly proudly stupefying all within earshot at just what prejudicial rudeness he has lowered and reduced American politics to.

To Trump, you’re your own sick joke, Donald, with you as the punch line. Not funny being the puncher, who can’t take a punch, living in your glass tower is it?

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You don’t seem to realize that firing the world is not an option, successful plan or winning strategy. It has never been the American way to browbeat, in-humadore hairstyle and forked-tongue-venom-spit our way to the top. You can continue to gather all the old tired white (house) wanna-be’s- who long for a whiter yesteryear and hope to continue to whitewash history, but that ship has already sailed. Its wreckage has laid under the waves for decades now and like you it is a gigantic “Titanic.”

While your theatrical re-enactment may keep you and all those un-Civil War vets synergized, the rest of us have moved on into the present. We look to an inclusive future optimistically, instead of peddling second hand smoked carpetbagger McCarthyesque retread fear. We have recycled that very inertia and fear into positive proactive forward movement that spells hope, change and a real shot at equal rights and opportunity for all.

Yes, you sparked debate, one-sided Fox-News-off-based debate; you drove and crashed ratings; you even drew viewers and mythical poll numbers, but in the end, Mr. Trump, America is just looking for something more, someone with more brain, with an actual soul, someone in a more thoughtful, less vindictive/vitriolic model. We’re looking for someone we can encourage our kids to grow up and emulate, proudly.

So you can continue your anti-little people tirade charade in full caricature as long as you want, but know this: you and your train-wreck dumpster-fire of a campaign have roundly been dismissed by the thinking American public for a long time. We’re just waiting for you to finally realize how off-putting, off-your-rocker, off-planet you sound. But we know your core value of “ignorance-is-bliss” prevents this from ever happening in your un-parallel lack-of-reality-universe.

We’ll set you up on a side show-freak stage off to the FAR FAR RIGHT side (under the cone of silence) so you can play in your own little sandbox alone, while those who are serious about America’s future and true destiny are busy doing the hard work it takes to have all prosper. You’ll be that vivid reminder of what we can’t do, let happen or become.

You won’t be missed. We won’t nostalgically reflect back on your tired antics. You’ll always remain that joke we’re embarrassed we heard or ever listened to. “You’re Fired,” isn’t really strong enough language, but in your case, it will just have to do.

America can’t afford what you brand as your Trump style in 3-D: Divisionary, Delusional, Destruction at best. Donald Trump you’ve been fired! Trump that.

We will still be praying for you, just under our breath.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide for seventeen years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available via e-mail at and he does make large-scale solutions presentations upon request.

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