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Black Community Opinions

Local Voices: Democrats Should Take Advantage of GOP Destruction

By Shedrick Byrd

I wrote an article sometime back with a headline, “Is Donald Trump Destroying the Republican Party?” My answer is confirmed “I say yes!” But will the Democrats take advantage of the Republicans’ disaster? Trump is the presumptive Republicans’ nominee for President. This should be an opportunity for Democrats to take note on how to beat the Republicans. Democrats in my mind are spineless when it comes to standing up for their convictions and beliefs and protecting their constituents when opposed by Republicans.

Donald Trump alone beat the entire Republican Party. He has been like a one-man wrecking crew. He proved that being in the minority does not mean automatic defeat. Democrats in the Senate and House seem not to fight the Republicans for anything. They just allow the Republicans to overrun them without a fight. I must say that some of them seem to go through the motion without much fire.

For almost eight years the Republican-led Congress has beat the snot out of President Obama and you never heard a peek out of the Democrats in his defense. Trump has run the Republican Party to total disarray and in my opinion it will take some time for them to heal. The established Republicans fought hard to deny Trump the nomination, but he destroyed them not on policy issues but by smearing the party on a personal level. He revealed the records of other candidates to the republican voters and won. He showed that the Republican voters are tired of the establishment’s way that the Republican Party does business. Revealing the Republicans should be the job of the Democrats. But the Democrats are too afraid of the Republicans to do such a thing.

Trump is en route to dividing the country. He has already insulted minority groups by demeaning women, Muslins, Hispanics, and Blacks by expressing his descriptive opinion about them. This is an opportunity for Democrats to stand up and to defy Trump. Standing up to Trump will make Democrats more electable in local and statewide districts. This will give Democrats a golden opportunity to take back the Senate and House if only they would get some backbone. They must show the voters they are willing to fight for them.
What makes it more of an opportunity for the Democrats to make a move is Trump, at this point, has little support from established Republicans and party activists. He has not yet convinced the House Speaker to support him. Wake up, Democrats, this is your opportunity. Trump was made by the media, and now the media will destroy him. Get a spine Democrats; it’s time to move!
Shedrick Byrd is a frequent contributor to the New Journal and Guide.

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