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Black Community Opinions

Local Voices: A Special July 4th Message: Human Dignity

By John Horton

Human dignity is a universal truth whose time has come.
Throughout history, we have been given the opportunity to rethink our past and to foresee our future.
We must learn to use our precious present to our fullest advantage so that we can attain the so-called good life for all people.
Without further delay, we must overcome our human dilemmas of economic poverty, political inequity, and social injustice.
We must undertake a universal mandate of human dignity for all mankind as our neo-manifest destiny.
We must accept this formidable challenge, because we can accomplish this worthy task.
Then, and only then, will there truly be peace on earth and goodwill toward all peoples.


Human dignity is a universal truth whose time has come.
This is a dream that we must conceive.
This is a thought that we must believe.
This is a reality that we must achieve.
There is no other course for those of us who truly believe in the goodness and godliness of humanity.
Let us, therefore, proceed with the work to be done.
And, let us in our thoughts, words and actions demonstrate our intent and achieve a better condition and improved future for all of Earth’s peoples.


Human dignity is a universal truth whose time has come.
We must achieve human dignity for us all.
I say to you, my brothers and sisters of the world, that it can and must be done.
It is calling out to each of us and to all of us, begging, asking, pleading and demanding – yes, demanding to be heard.
We must answer and respond, for its time has come.
For, I too, believe as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. espoused: “I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits.”


Human dignity is a universal truth whose time has come.
Be it known that human dignity beats in the bosoms of all peoples.
It is more important than nationalism or patriotism and has a higher value than materialism or hedonism.
Human dignity is not “colored” or “nationalized,” for it is the same for all of us.
Human dignity is not Black or white, or brown, or yellow.
It is not American or African or Russian or Indian.
It is not rich or poor or literate or illiterate.


Human dignity is a universe truth whose time has come.
Human dignity is the aspiration and inspiration of all humanity calling for freedom and seeking justice.
As impossible, as it may seen at times, we must attain human dignity for ourselves and for the other inhabitants of this planet before it is too late for all of us.
Human dignity will wait no longer, for its time has come.
In the final analysis, we are truly our best friend – or worst enemy.
The stage of life is set for us to act upon our future and our destiny.
So be it as it should be. It is what it is.


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Human dignity is a universal truth whose time has come.
The final decision is ours.
We are either in the twilight of our last hours on this planet, or we stand in the dawn of new beginning.
History will either remember us as fools or as wise men.
The passage of time will either praise us or damn us.
In essence, we are our salvation, or we are our damnation.
The choice is ours. If it is to be, it is up to us.

John Horton is a resident of Norfolk and a frequent contributor to this newspaper.

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