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Independent Report: ‘Callous Disregard For Life of Tamir Rice’


A year after 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot by Cleveland, Ohio police officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback while playing in a playground, independent use-of-force expert witnesses released their reports, calling the shooting of Tamir “objectively unreasonable.”

These reports stand in direct contrast to the three reports commissioned by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty, whom Tamir’s family, Cleveland organizers, and other community leaders have asked to step down from the case. The reports commissioned by Prosecutor McGinty found that Loehmann and Garmback’s actions were justified.

These independent reports were produced by Jeff J. Noble, an expert witness since 2006, and Roger A. Clark, a 27-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department. Clark and Noble’s findings conclude that in the November 22nd, 2014 shooting of Tamir Rice, the officers involved exerted “unreasonable and unjustified use of deadly force,” and that Officers Loehmann and Garmback displayed a “callous disregard for the life of Tamir.”

Tamir Rice’s family, as well as organizers in Cleveland and around the country have called for Tim McGinty to step down from the case. These reports come less than a week after Cleveland organizers and national organizations like Color of Change and delivered a petition with over 200,000 signatures to Prosecutor McGinty’s office, demanding that McGinty recuse himself from the case.

“When you deliberately disobey police practical training and police procedures and create dangerous situations you should be held accountable for your actions,” said LaTonya Goldsby, Tamir Rice’s cousin.

“McGinty has distorted the truth to fit his own needs. He has manipulated the Grand Jury process, all while knowing officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback disobeyed police practical training and police protocol.

“McGinty must recuse himself from this case and allow for a competent investigation of Tamir’s death by a special Independent prosecutor from outside the state of Ohio, and Officers Loehmann and Garmback should both be immediately fired from their positions.”

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