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Hope For Defeating COVID

By Leonard E. Colvin
Chief Reporter
New Journal and Guide

        As the nation enters the newest wave of COVID 19 pandemic, with thousands of daily infections, and more than 300,000 deaths, the first doses of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine are being administered this week.

      2.9 million doses were loaded on FED-EX and UPS planes and delivery trucks and other carriers last weekend.

    On the morning of December 14, the first doses were administrated to medical personnel who are among the first to receive it.

As millions watched on TV and social media, RN Sandra Lindsey received her vaccine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo looked on during a live stream.

“It didn’t feel any different from taking any other vaccine,” Lindsey said after getting the shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

   Healthcare workers like Lindsey, who are on the front line, taking care of COVID-19 victims, and aging people living in long term care facilities will be among the first of 20 million people prioritized

to receive the vaccination before the end of December.

    At least 100 million citizens may receive it by the end of March as more supplies of vaccine are produced and distributed.


The Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine late last week. Moderna, a second pharmaceutical company, has created a rival version of the COVID vaccine which also may become available soon.

    Despite its population of 8.2 million people, Virginia will receive only 72,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine during the initial cycle of distribution to the states which will control who and when their citizens will receive it.

Virginia Department of Health (VDH) officials hope national production of the two vaccines will be expanded to fill the gaps.

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