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Group Asks Black Prostate Cancer Survivors To Share Experience This Holiday Season

Boston, MA

The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) is asking prostate cancer survivors around the country, to view themselves and their experiences facing prostate cancer as a gift that they can give to other men this holiday season.


They are asking these men step up and join PHEN’s Survivor Network, which for over a decade has recruited and mobilized prostate cancer survivors, and their loved ones, to provide education and awareness outreach within their communities. This Survivor Network which stretches across the country is the foundation for much of PHEN’s grassroots community efforts, especially working with PHEN’s 300+ church partners.    

“Black men are twice as likely to be diagnosed with and die from prostate cancer as white men. Knowledge is the best defense against prostate cancer and survivors are best equipped to help educate other men,” said PHEN President & Founder, Thomas A. Farrington, who is also a prostate cancer survivor.  

“Many men thank us for the support that they have received from members of our Survivor Network, so, we know that this gift has blessed many lives.”

“I’m a Deacon in my church and volunteer to help men become more proactive in getting examinations and their physical check-ups once a year for their prostate health,” said Raymond Fuller, Jr., a member of Boston’s PHEN Survivor Network.  

“My passion is to talk about prostate cancer and to educate men around getting tested. The energy for me is to have someone come to me and say ‘Deacon Fuller I need to talk to you.’”


Members of the Survivor Network volunteer for PHEN’s/church partnership initiatives and are key contributors in organizing churches participation in the Annual Father’s Day Rally and Educational Symposia. Members participate in the programs at annual PHEN Summits and Symposia and they are regularly featured in PHEN-TV programs.

PHEN’s Survivor Network also plays a crucial role in its advocacy efforts at both the local and national levels. These are the voices that regularly speak out on policies that impact on the war against prostate cancer to make certain that the needs of Black America are considered and included.

Prostate cancer survivors, their relatives and loved ones, as well as those who have family members who have been victims of this disease are invited and encouraged to join the PHEN Survivor Network and give their gift of knowledge, this Christmas season.

Join PHENís Survivor Network Today! Membership is FREE and open to the public: www.prostatehealthed.org/phen_registration.php

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