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BTW Support Group Works To Uphold Legacy

Submitted By Virgal Lowery
Special to the New Journal and Guide

School spirit never dies for the alumni of Norfolk’s Booker T. Washington High School. A relatively new group has taken up the cause of providing support for the students and staff at BTW.

The Concerned Citizens of BTW (CCBTW) over the past two years has committed themselves to being the community arm that supports the students and staff in their charge to remain accredited. CCBTW provides school supplies, after school treats for tutorial and SOL students, funds for incentive programs, classroom supplies for the staff and staff appreciation activities. This is done with the help of our alumni classes who also see the need and provide funding and manpower. We are proud of the 1958 alumni class; they are the oldest group supporting our mission.

On January 30, 2017, CCBTW provided classroom supplies for the staff during their teacher workday. Vivian Monroe-Hester is the Chair of CCBTW and encourages this committed team to continue to support Principal Margie Stallings as she builds a strong educational environment for the next generation of BTW graduates.

As one of the few Historically Black High Schools remaining in Hampton Roads, CCBTW is determined to carry on the strong legacy that has helped build this community. BTW graduates have always been vital members of our Norfolk leadership.

Yvonne Wagner is on the Norfolk School Board and Paul Riddick is on City Council, just to name current leaders. CCBTW is proud of our graduates and will continue to support our beloved Booker T. Washington High School. However, our concerns are for the condition of the building with high levels of mold, and the athletic field so poorly maintained that our students cannot practice at home. Help from the community is needed to provide funds to improve conditions for our students.

We invite all graduates and friends to join us on the second Thursday of each month in the BTW cafeteria at 6 p.m. That BTW Spirit is still alive.

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