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Bridge Corner: July 30, 2015

Hello and welcome to the Tidewater Bridge Unit (TBU). TBU members are preparing for their annual “A” Game Tournament held September 18 thru 20, 2015. This year, the TBU Planning Committee is excited about having the Hyatt Place Chesapeake/Greenbrier to host the upcoming tournament. There are a limited number of “special rate” rooms set aside for this very “special occasion.” Please reserve your room by calling 1-800-993-4751 now and asking for the Tidewater Bridge Group Rate.

Although this is the last lesson in this series, the bridge column will continue in the New Journal & Guide-please join us!

Preemptive Bidding and Bidding Big Hands (2 Club Openers) will be our topics for today.

An opening preemptive bid is a bid of 2 Diamonds or higher with a hand that you would not open without the necessary 12 or 13 HCP. (Note: 2Clubs is not a preempt-see Bidding Big Hands.) When you make a preempt, you make things difficult for the opponents while describing your hand to your partner.

Preempt Requirements

An opening preempt hand should contain between 5 and 10 points, with most ofthose points in the long suit.

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• With a six-card suit, open at the 2 level (except for clubs). A Disciplined weak 2 bid promises 2 of the top 3 honors if vulnerable, 2 of top 4 if not vulnerable.

• With a seven-card suit, open at the three level.

• With an eight-card suit, open at the four level

Responding to Preempts

Remember, partner has opened with a preempt hand that can contain as little as 5 points.

• With 8 or fewer points, PASS

• If partner preempts and you have a singleton in his suit, DO NOT rescue him.

A new suit is forcing (partner must bid) over a 2-level preempt. PASS.

* If you have a fit (8+ cards in the combined hands), you can give partner a raise.

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* With 16+ points you can find out specific information about partner’s opening preempt. By bidding 2NT in response to partner’s 2-level preempt bid, you are “asking for a feature.” After your 2NT bid, your partner will bid a feature (Ace or protected King (not a singleton). If there is no feature, partner repeats his suit, and with AKQxxx in his suit, partner responds 3NT. We use features to find out whether your hand has a potential entry so that you can play in no-trump.

Preempting Examples

You hold:

1. (S)AQxxx (H)AJ (D)Jxxx (C) x

Bid: 1 spade – This is an opening hand.

2. (S)x (H)Axxx (D)KQxxxx (C)xx

Bid: Pass – Avoid a preempt with an outside 4 card major.

3. (S)x (H)AKxxxx (D)xxxx (C)Qx

Bid: 2 Hearts

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Your partner opened 2 spades.You hold:

1. (S)Axxx (H)Kxx (D)Axxxx (C)x

Bid: 4 spades – A good hand and 4 trump pieces.

2. (S)x (H)AKxx (D)Qxxx


Bid: Pass – You need 16+ points to ask for a feature. You cannot give partner a raise with just 1 spade.

3. (S)Axx (H)Qxx (D)Kxxx (C)Kxx

Bid: 3 Spades – This is extending the preempt, may make it difficult for oppenent to bid.

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Bidding Big Hands

2 Club Artificial Opening

The 2 Club opening bid is strong, forcing, artificial, and says nothing about clubs. The hand should hold 22+ HCP or 9 immediate winners.

Balanced Hands

22 -25 HCP

Unbalanced Hands

21+ HCP 7 card suit

23+ HCP 6 card suit

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23+ HCP 2 five=card suits

25+ HCP 1 five-card suit

Responses to Partner’s

2 Club Opening

Opener’s Second Bid

Balanced Hands

2 NT 22 – 24 HCP

3NT 25 – 27 HCP

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4NT 28 – 39 HCP

Unbalanced Hands

2H/2S = 5 card suit

3C/3D = 6+card suit

3H/3S = 6+ card suit

Responses to Opener’s Second Bid

1. With less than 4 points, bid second negative telling the 2Club opener to place the final contract:


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2Clubs2 Diamonds

2 Hearts3 Clubs

2. Systems are on over 2NT (Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, 3NT to play)

3. Raise partner’s suit with 3 card support.

Happy Birthday to:

Olethia Everett July 25 Eleanor Jones August 10

Eunice Moore August 13

Elva Taylor August 22

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Bertha Wriqht August 30


Tidewater Bridge Unit 2015 Grade A Tournament

September 18 thru 20

Hyatt Place Chesapeake/Greenbrier

709 Eden Way North. Chesapeake, VA 23320



Reference Tidewater Bridge Unit to receive special rates.

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Contact: Delores Burney at (757) 321-0825 or Lawrence Owes at (757) 393-1853.

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