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Virginia Beach Triplets Are Making A Difference In The Community

Three remarkable triplets from Virginia Beach, Jasmine, Jaleesa, and Joselle Joseph, are using their summer to make a positive impact in their community by volunteering at Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital.

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Three junior volunteers at Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital (LTH) in Norfolk share more than their summer jobs. This special group of girls are sisters; in fact, they are triplets who are currently 17 years of age and rising seniors at Landstown HS in Va. Beach. Their senior year begins next month (class of 2024).

The Joseph sisters – Jasmine, Jaleesa, and Joselle – are the daughters of another Lake Taylor Hospital employee, Farah F. Joseph, who works on the Beechwood unit.

Jasmine is the first born of the triplets. She is a member of the Landstown tennis team and wants to become an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist, possibly a Speech therapist.

At LTH, Jasmine and her sisters volunteer two days a week for 4-10 hours. She serves in the rehab area  where she transports patients to and from rehab, and she observes the interaction between the therapists and patients.

Her favorite quote is,  “It’s very interesting and new to me. I like that I’m able to help people.”

Jaleesa, the middle sister, enjoys books and at school, she is a member of the school’s  Book Club. Her career interests center around books and beauty (nails, fashion, hair).

Assigned at LTH to the Dogwood unit, she transports patients to and from activities in the morning and from their rooms to the nursing station.

The youngest of the three is Joselle. She is also assigned to the Dogwood unit. At school, she is a member of the book club, crochet club and three honor societies. She plans to pursue a career in engineering and STEM.

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