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Sasha Obama Graduates From USC

Sasha Obama, the former First Daughter, celebrated her graduation from the University of Southern California (USC) with her parents in attendance. Sporting her graduation attire, Sasha received her degree in sociology, joining her sister Malia, who graduated from Harvard. Although the Obamas didn’t address the crowd or pose for photos, they expressed their pride and congratulated other parents and family members after the ceremony.

NJG Newswire

Sasha Obama, whom America greeted as a First Daughter when she was seven-years-old,  recently picked up her college degree at the University of Southern California commencement ceremonies on May 12 while her famous parents watched.

Sasha Obama was decked in graduation garb and received her degree while her parents sat in the audience surrounded by about a dozen Secret Service agents.

Sasha shares an apartment in Los Angeles with her sister, Malia, who graduated from Harvard in 2021 and has since been working as a screenwriter, most recently for Donald Glover’s hit series, “Swarm.”

Sasha earned a degree in  sociology.

“I was so excited to see Obama and Michelle,” said Michelle Davies, who also graduated from the college. “I wanted a picture [with them] so bad, but then they left early. If I would have gotten a picture, I would have passed out.”

The Obamas didn’t address the crowd or take photos. Instead they cheered on the graduates and listened to the speakers. After the event, Obama walked out and congratulated other parents and family members.


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