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Local Voices: The Trump Card

By Shedrick Byrd

Is Donald Trump’s outrageous buffoon way of politicking revolutionizing politics?  I don’t think anybody in the political world has ever witnessed such behavior by a person running for public office in the U.S.A. The mean-spirited tirades Trump is displaying are causing many of his political contemporaries to shiver and denounce him.  

The more I think about his method, I wonder maybe it is a blessing for Americans, especially us powerless ones, who have to listen to the rhetoric from politicians who are paid by the rich to extort the American voters.  They are paid to kowtow, cajole, promise and lie to us about their positions on issues that will make the country greater. They say and promise what they think will satisfy a certain segment of society even when they know they cannot achieve what they promise because money controls politics. The Republicans have what they call “talking points” given to them by their rich donors and regardless of their convictions they obey the talking points.  

Trump has put many politicians on the spot, especially his Republican opponents for the president of the United States. His vicious and personal attacks have shocked the political world.  He has caused chaos among the Republican candidates who are running for presidency.  

He tells them he speaks his own voice because he is rich and does not have to bow to the demands of wealthy donors. They are at odds on how to handle him.  One of the sore spots for his Republican opponents is his rant on the immigration issue which most Republicans don’t want to talk about because they are not sure of what side of the debate the American people are on.  He is leading among his peers in the latest polls of the seventeen Republican candidates for President. He has brought out the bias and racism of many of the Republican voters.  

Donald Trump’s stupid and racist statement about Mexicans crossing the border brought pause to many Americans who thought his remarks were racist and inconsiderate.  But he spoke out loud what many of the Republican candidates are thinking.  Donald Trump who is a showman has co-opted the media with his outrageous outbursts.  

His opponents and the news media assert some of his statements to be his death bed, such as saying that John McCain is not a hero or that Megan Kelley of Fox News had blood in her eyes for him at the Republican debate.   Every alleged misstep he makes  his Republican opponents, along with the news media, are now trying to destroy him, but he seems to have gained enough support from his the faithful of his party to withstand the assaults, and he is still leading the Republican candidates in the polls. 

The news pundits have put time limits on his existence. But each time limit they set has to be extended because he keeps polling higher than the rest.  

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To many Americans, Trump is a hero and the voice of the voiceless who are tired of the same political rhetoric spewed by politicians who are trying to get votes by lying to the voters.

In my opinion, Trump will not be a good President.  His demeanor is not what we need to lead the country.  But the way he has put politicians on the spot and on the run is somewhat of a refreshing change.  

Shedrick Byrd lives in Norfolk and  is a frequent contributor to the New Journal and Guide.


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