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Local Voices: America’s Real ‘Cancer’

By Sean C. Bowers

The so-called greatest nation in the history of mankind, seems stuck in a perpetual racial re-mixed, retro-graded, degraded re-wind. Like cancer, it eats us from the inside, yet its deadly effects are only visible on the outside, hitting each of us deep within our soul where we each reside, it’s all about different skin tone and not being able to live together and peacefully abide.

If we attacked this cancer together, we would have already found a cure, none of us will ever be pure, but this single differentiator, in the Grand American experiment is  our enhancer. We have to love ourselves enough and one another more. We have the manpower; and now all we need is the will power. Serving God and others equally is our truest test of service. Cop killas (or Killer Cops) can’t go either way or both ways, unfortunately it has been that way for centuries of days. The greatest, Muhammad Ali, always visited both the winners’ and losers’ locker-rooms. He understood both the joys of the winner’s elation and the loser’s deep despair of the death spiral doom.

Bob Marley spoke of more love, of a world-wide love he called one love. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s example is perhaps the best of America’s DNA sample. Prince sang, “Did you take more than you gave?” All of them call us from the grave to do more, to stand for more, to be more. We are not mere slaves to the past, our collective past, as we watch all our nation’s flags fly at half mast. The solution is more than a movement’s resolution or a revolution. It is a heartfelt emotion, backed up with the fully dedicated actions of empathic devotion.
We need not continue to bleed about creed; we need to learn from our mistakes – our racial hates.

Those world movement leaders of color mentioned before, showed us the way for more than to just keep score.
Nelson Mandela, untied Apartheid and his captors through love; he loved his enemies to death until his dying breath. To love others wholeheartedly, we must first practice self-love. Only then will we begin to find the racial Rubic cube’s global fix. ‘Tis tougher to have truly loved and lost, but it is the loveless that pay life’s ultimate cost. 

All We (ever) Need(ed) is love.

America is a giant life boat for all of us.
We bring people onboard; we don’t throw them overboard.
Our American lifeboat saves lives when we all work together.
It is only by everyone rowing together in the same direction, that we begin to reach our most important purpose from mankind’s evolution and creation.
In America, everyone gets a life vest, not just those who invested or the fully vested.
America 2016: Lifeboats or Scapegoats?
We can’t afford a little (Baby) boy,
Not when we have a proven Mother, who won’t baby us.
We don’t need a leader who refers to women as, “Baby.”
Justice only occurs when we are all out for more than, just us.
We must resist the long division of hate, spreading the true power of God’s love rebate.
Our courage, is in the free air born of our nation’s spirit never broken, but sometimes torn. We are more than up to the task, we just have to for love and help, each other ask. For America’s real cancer, Love is and always has been, the only answer.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide the for seventeen years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available via email at and he does make large-scale solutions presentations upon request.

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