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House Dems File More Than Dozen Gun Reform Bills


Virginia House Democrats recently announced a gun violence prevention platform as they gathered to speak on the epidemic of mass and daily gun violence across the nation. This includes reforming gun laws and addressing the root causes of violence in Virginia. The bills cover a range of popular solutions to make our schools, our homes, and our communities safer.

  “Gun violence impacts all of our communities – urban communities and rural communities; white, Black, and Latino communities. It impacts kids and adults, impacts us in our schools and in our homes,” Leader Don Scott said. “Make no mistake: This is an epidemic harming all of us. And gun violence is entirely preventable. So, we can’t wait. Virginia can’t wait. Our constituents can’t wait.”

“Every year, more and more Virginians and their families experience gun violence – on our streets, in our schools, on our college campuses, in our places of worship. House Democrats want to make clear – we don’t have to live like this,” Delegate Patrick Hope said. “These proposals are popular ideas and each and every one will save lives. We hope Republicans will work with us on some of these efforts so that we make communities safer.”

  Also speaking at the announcement were Delegate Dan Helmer who introduced a bill prohibiting the sale of assault firearms and large-capacity firearm magazines (HB2240); Delegate Mark Sickles who introduced a bill raising the age to buy assault weapons to 21 (HB2288); Delegate Marcia Price who introduced a bill to study the effects of gun violence on communities (HB1656); and Lori Haas of the Center for Gun Violence Solutions, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Among other gun violence prevention legislation being brought forth by Democrats so far this session is HB2273 by Delegate Cliff Hayes of Chesapeake that mandates a three-day

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