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Community and Family Salute Ernest Green On His 90th Birthday

Special to the New Journal and Guide

It was a birthday salute worthy of a decorated veteran.
Mr. Ernest Green, chairman of the board of the Hampton Roads African American Sports Hall of Fame, and president emeritus of USA Boxing recently celebrated his 90th birthday.
It was a heartfelt, emotional saluted by the community for a gentleman regarded as a quiet philanthropist, educational advocate and sports administrator. Friends, family, first responders representing the Chesapeake Police, Fire Department and the military were on hand to pay tribute to the humble U.S. Air Force veteran philanthropist, boxing coach, official and retired sports executive.
It was a birthday celebration with a veneer of the nouveau normal. The participants never left their cars. They wore masks and waved at Green seated under an open air canopy. Cards and gifts were collected as his nieces passed out birthday bags of Green’s favorite candy and cookies.
With a mask and plastic face shield, the activities were COVID-19 defensive and included more than 60 cars, social media influencers, SUV’s, fire trucks and ladders.

Green is a  lifetime member of First Calvary Baptist Church in Norfolk, VA.

“The event was a huge success!  I was amazed that so many people showed up to participate in the parade,” said Dr. LaTonya Harris, an assistant principal at Burbank Elementary School in Hampton, VA.  “Lieutenant Bradley Burton of the Chesapeake Police Second Precinct surprised us with police officers in cruisers and on bikes.  Fire Station No. 2 showed up with a fire truck, ladder and 2 emergency vehicles.  I counted over 50 vehicles in the procession!” 

Dr. Harris and Green didn’t want to leave anyone one out and wanted the New Journal and Guide help them thank all who showed so much love and support. Ever the giver, Mr. Green said the best way he could thank everyone would be to, “remind them to subscribe to the New Journal and Guide.”

Green said he also plans to establish a scholarship in the name of his wife, Della Green, with the Booker T. Washington Friends and Alumna, Inc. for students who attend his alma mater Booker T. Washington High School.

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