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Bridge Corner: September 28, 2017

Hello and welcome the Tidewater Bridge Unit (TBU)

In one of our recent Bridge Corner sessions, we described the No Trump hand and the Stayman Convention. In this session, let us add the Jacoby Transfer Convention to our arsenal of defensive bidding strategies!

When your partner opens 1Notrump (NT), opener has exactly 15 – 17 High Card Points (HCP) and balanced distribution: no void – no singleton – no five card major. Thirteen cards distributed in a 4-3-3-3, 4-4-3-2, or 5-3-3-2 shape:
♠A962 ♥K103 ♦AJ6 ♣A95 this is a 4-3-3-3 shape hand with 16 HCP
♠AK63 ♥Q102 ♦AQ64 ♣87 this is a 4-4-3-2 shape hand with 15 HCP
♠AQ5 ♥KQ10 ♦AQ762 ♣65 this is a 5-3-3-2 shape hand with 17 HCP

The responder is the captain of the hand. Here are the only counts you need to know to respond to 1NT:
Pass: 0 – 7 HCP
2NT: 8 – 9 HCP
3NT: 10 – 14 HCP

Remember, you want to play in your eight-card major suit if possible. Stayman and Jacoby Transfer are valuable tools in helping the notrumper and responder to find an eight-card major suit fit and to play there.

After your partner opens 1NT, with a four-card major and eight or more HCP, bid 2♣ = 8+ HCP. This says, “Do you have a four-card major? If so, name it.” The 2♣ bid is a convention called Stayman. The 2♣ bid says nothing about responder’s clubs. It is totally artificial. In bridge, these artificial bids are called “conventions.”

When the notrumper answers the 2♣ query, responder bids his point count 8 – 9 or 10 – 14:
• With an eight-card major suit discovered, responder raises to three of the major with 8 – 9 points and to four (game) with 10+ points.
• With no major-suit fit, responder rebids 2NT (8 – 9 HCP) or 3NT (10 – 14 HCP.)

Jacoby Transfer
With 0+ HCP, bid the suit below your long major (5+ cards):
2♦* or 2♥* = 0+ HCP
*Partner must say “Transfer” so your opponents know this is an artificial bid.

The responder is saying to his ‘No Trump’ partner, “I have at least a five-card major suit in the suit directly above the one named. If I bid 2♦, I want you to bid 2♥, no matter what you have. If I bid 2♥, I want you to bid 2♠. I am ‘transferring’ you. I want you to bid my long suit first so you will be declarer at either contract and your balanced 15 – 17 HCP hand will be concealed from our opponents.”

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After notrumper accepts the transfer, responder tells opener his point count:
With 0 – 7 HCP, pass
8 – 9 HCP, rebid 2NT
10 – 14 HCP, rebid 3NT

Examples with South (responder) hands
North South
1NT 2♥

♠97652 ♥53 ♦854 ♣854

Partner, I have 5+ spades and less than 8 HCP
North South
2♠ Pass
1NT 2♥

♠AK986 ♥64 ♦J653 ♣ 53

8-9 HCP & 5 card spade suit, invite to game in NT or spades
North South
2♠ 2NT
1NT 2♦

♠ 763 ♥KJ764 ♦AQ98 ♣2

Partner, I have 10+ HCP & 5 hearts, pick either NT or hearts
North South
2♥ 3NT

If you have six of your suit, you know partner has at least 2; 6 + 2 = 8 card fit
North South
1NT 2♦
♠76 ♥KJ7643 ♦AQ65 ♣2

Just bid the game.
North South
2♥ 4♥

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Winning Pairs
September 19, 2017
Section A Game

Aldis Raymond – Leon C. Ragland
Gloria Maddux – Cindy Burrell-Jones
Wilma H Horne – Olethia Everett
Oneida R Lacey – Rosemary Whitehurst
Helen Lake – Delores Brown
Elva Taylor – Shirley W. Nottingham

Winning Pairs
September 20, 2017
Section A Game

Lillye Holley – Harold M. Kiefer
Leon C. Ragland – Aldis Raymond
Delores J. Burney – Rose Ward
Wilma H Horne – Olethia Everett
Rosemary Whitehurst – Oneida R. Lacey
Elva Taylor – Cindy Burrell-Jones
Harriet F. Goodrich – Lawrence Owes


Tuesday, October 3
Cooke-Suburban Bridge game
10:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.
$4 – $5

Wednesday, October 4
Bon-Ton bridge game
10:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.
$4 – $5

All activities, unless otherwise noted, are located at the Berkley Senior Center, 925 S. Main Street, Norfolk, VA. For additional information on classes, games, or tournaments, please call Jennifer Douglas at (757) 701-0640.

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