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Young Artists: Enter Public Art Competition In Huntersville Park

Huntersville Park in Norfolk’s Historic Huntersville neighborhood is undergoing a transformation, with new recreational features and a unique addition: public artworks created by local young artists. The City of Norfolk has invited artists to submit proposals for bright and energetic artworks that celebrate the rich heritage and history of Huntersville. The Huntersville Empowerment Coalition is actively involved in advocating for community improvements and will dedicate the new park features in a spring event. The goal is to make the park a destination for the entire city, with durable and attention-catching artworks enhancing the space. The application deadline for the public art competition is September 18. For more information, visit or contact #HuntersvillePark #PublicArtCompetition #NorfolkArt



By Leonard E. Colvin
Chief Reporter
New Journal and Guide

The huge green space sitting at Tidewater Drive and Goff Street in the heart of the Historic Huntersville neighborhood section of Norfolk is getting a facelift.

Recently residents and patrons of the “Huntersville Park” which sits adjacent to the Huntersville Community Center have seen the installations of new playground equipment, construction of a new picnic shelter and soon resurfacing of the tennis courts.

According to city officials, the field, which is used for recreational football, will get a new set of goalposts and eventually a walking trail constructed around it.

The project is a collaboration between the Huntersville Civic League and the newly formed Huntersville Empowerment Coalition and the city.

One feature of the park’s renovation is the installation of public artworks crafted by local young artists for display.

The City of Norfolk wants to see a unique piece of public art installed in Huntersville Park and has put out a request for artists to submit proposals.

This project is open to all artists over 18 years of age, but local artists of color are especially welcome to apply.

As described in the proposal request, they’re looking for “ … bright, energetic artwork that relates the stories of Huntersville, celebrating its rich heritage and history.”

The Huntersville Empowerment Coalition, according to its Executive Director, Beatrice Garvin, said the group will continue to lobby for continued investment in the Huntersville community as well as improvements to the park going forward.

She said the coalition will lobby for internal and exterior upgrades to the 30,000 plus square feet Community Center that was built in 1975.

Also, Garvin said the coalition will lobby the city for funding for a marquee, with the site’s official name on it.

Next spring a community event dedicating the new features at the park will be held.

She said that the facelift and the dedication are part of an effort to make the site a destination for the entire city, not just Huntersville residents.

In describing what they are looking for in terms of artwork, the committee said it should be “pedestrian scale” yet attract attention from vehicles on the adjacent and very busy Tidewater Drive. The artwork must be made of durable, permanent materials that are safe and easily maintained, standing the test of time and the elements.

Deadline for submitting an application and work for the Public Arts competition is September 18.

For an application for the Public Arts competition and requirements go to or Contact Email:


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