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Women’s Alliance Sisterhood To Host Networking Fellowship


After traveling to four foreign cities in the past seven years, Rosemarie Morehead will use her experiences to help provide a networking program for women. The networking program is sponsored by Woman’s Alliance Sisterhood of One, which started with around two dozen women in 2001. The program will feature several experts and light refreshments. It will be held on March 24, from 12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. at the Church of the Ascension, 4853 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach

 “I want women to decide they want to be part of this,” Morehead said. “The purpose is to give women information. Information is power.” Morehead’s travels abroad led her to launch the group with 15 women. They met in each other’s homes, developing plans and spotting trends. Eventually, the group decided that all women share similar concerns. “Every woman on this planet is concerned about the planet earth, food, clothing, shelter, education, and peace within their community. Women want the same thing. That is the bottom line,” Morehead said. “The mission of The Woman’s Alliance is to identify, educate and support women for leadership roles in public service, with the goal of achieving empowerment for women,” she explained. The upcoming event, Fellowship with a Purpose, “is an invitation to everyone to sit down at the table and bring their achievements, challenges, and needs of merging,” to the table, she said.

The goal is to help communities. Morehead has learned a lot about helping communities here and elsewhere. She has visited Afghanistan, Uganda, Jerusalem, and Korea, in some cases more than once. Forming a coalition of concerned women, the group started with 15 members, and registered with the state, and received non-profit status in April 2002. The group is similar to a flower that is finally blossoming, “Morehead said. “The blossom is opening for everyone to see.” The group aims to “create, to facilitate, and to work collaboratively in a joint culture of service” on community driven initiatives.

To reserve a space at the upcoming program, please phone 499-8811.





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