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Victim-hood’s Constant Ugliness



By Sean C. Bowers

Within victim-hood’s constant ugliness lies the heart of the root of all that is narcissistically evil.

To always force fake outrage supposes one is always right, just and innocent. Such suppositions do not allow for said one to be anything but a saint, above reproach, above mistakes, faults, and transgressions. Said one is trying to pit us all against the known existing governmental systems and our own internal “common sense,” as Thomas Paine would have put it.

We’ve see six former White House “regulars” charged, convicted and about to be sentenced. We have witnessed the seventy intentionally ignored subpoenas by some of the administration’s firsthand fact-based witnesses.

Members of the American public are on the receiving end of the well-documented fifteen thousand lies that have been fact-checked and confirmed, by the one who creates a constant emergency, or crisis, in progress, in perpetuity.

When official reports from our own governmental agencies confirm his proven falsehoods, untruths and transgressions, the flamethrower of innuendo, in true Joseph McCarthyesque style, triangulates yet another dead war hero, dead congressman, civil servant, rival, or pillar of justice by attacking, mischaracterizing, belittling, mocking, and being degrading. This one’s distributary’s river of lies froths at the mouth like a wild white water rapids dog barking, snapping and tweeting at all, above all.

This is the political musings existence we have inherited on the national level, since said one’s character assassinations, grenade-style of dirty drug dealing hush money, and Non-Disclosure Agreements politics came into vogue on the Right’s 2015 campaign trail.

Others are targeted, tarnished, and transgressed against, unless said one is appropriately ego stroked, and allowed previously unheard-of liberties against any common American.

Over whelming numbers of editorial boards from most of the major newspapers across the nation have almost unanimously sided on the one’s impeachment and removal from office, for just cause, because there is no way to justify the one’s actions, conduct and blatant disregard for the truth and justice. Those editorial boards have done so knowing the one’s actions cannot be logically defended or explained to our children and future generations.

The fair state would be like every State Fair in all fifty states. All of us bear witness to and decide for ourselves whether or not the behavior of our elected representatives is beneath the dignity of what the highest office in the land has always stood for, regardless of party or occupant, (i.e., who is the biggest champion pig and who is not.)

America requires that the official in our highest office to be our best, to be above reproach, to not be of continual suspect behavior and on a constant conveyor belt of borderline criminal tendencies, surrounded by treasonous “FAKE AMERICANS,” who are closer to Russian than American morals and values.

The impeachment trial in the Senate has to be a fair process for all. That dictates all the documents and first-hand witnesses only; witnesses, who can either clear or confirm the charged (guilty) parties must testify. The involved parties should want to publicly testify to clear their names and exonerate their leader, out of duty to their sworn oath of office, their constituents and the American public. Anything short of the first-hand witnesses going on the record reeks of them having something to hide behind their swampy excuses.

Politicians need to stop making enabling excuses for their sad bad behavior. Standing for fair transparency allows all to stand behind the truth with pride and honor. Being honorable, just like being dishonorable, is a learned and practiced trait.

Nancy Pelosi should hold the Articles of Impeachment until the 2020 election, if the Republicans refuse to call their own Republican-appointed, official, fact-based witnesses.

First, this prevents an unfair trail. Second, it prevents the President from claiming to be acquitted by his pack of swamp creatures, of habit. Third, said one is forced to run as the first impeached, first-term Presidential undignified dishonorable imposter that he is. Fourth, it allows more court decisions to come to light, adding to the list of charges and crimes against us Americans and the state.

Fairness is not tricking the system, the rules, or the American citizenry using technicalities. Justice is fair. Let freedom’s truth ring and the American public see and hear all the evidence, so we can make up our own minds and finally bring to an end, this constant victim-hooded ugliness.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide the last twenty years. His latest book of NJ&G articles (2008-2020) detailing the issues will be available 6/6/2020. Contact by e-mail and he does do large scale solutions presentations.

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