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The Legitimate Political Discourse of January Sixth

By Sean C. Bowers

Once the violence began and the United States Capitol was assaulted and overrun by a TRUMP-inspired mob of lawless violent attackers determined to OVERTURN the 2020 election results, their fate was sealed. LEGITIMATE POLITICAL DISCOURSE cannot happen with the threat of violence, weapons, felonies, and unlawfully assembled crowd actions that seek to OVERTURN and overthrow the entire official election certification process and hijack the peaceful transfer of power.

Threats of violence and actual physical attacks on the Capitol and the D.C. Metro Police resulted in over ONE-HUNDRED AND FORTY officers injured and KILLED FIVE people. Storming the building, laying siege to it, and finally breaking into the U.S. Capitol is not, nor has it ever been what we call “legitimate political discourse.”

The rules of LAW are clear and unambiguous. Individuals, who choose to step outside those LAWFUL guidelines, are by definition, criminals operating outside the law. Talk of pardoning these failed attempted-coup participants is an attempt by 45 to continue to organize future criminal lawlessness, above the law.

The evidence collected from January Sixth clearly shows the intent and the motive of the attackers. The video and audio clearly demonstrate the unprovoked actions taken by a disgruntled group of individuals who were hell bent on inflicting their perspective onto the rest of the nation by any means necessary.

These people who broke into and overran the police barriers did so because they felt their right to do so trumped and was above the right of the rest of all other American’s right to the peaceful transference of power.

Our nation currently has one political party playing by the rules while the other political party tries openly to break those rules and to break the United States’ two-hundred-forty-year-old system of government. Mob rule by a minority of American over the majority is far worse than the tyranny of the majority. It allows a few to condemn the rest to their idea of hell, for only their selfish gain.

Further adding to the insanity, the Right’s Republican National Committee has now censured the two lone Republicans who were brave enough to be part of the Jan. Sixth Commission’s efforts to uncover the truth about what happened. They are investigating who know what, what they did, and the FACTUAL time line of when they did it.

No political party condemns its own members for finding out the truth about the insurrection unless they know they have something to hide. This evidence is too crucial to America’s truthful future to be swept under one of the Right’s “rugs.” You may not like the truth or the way it was proved, but the truth, is the truth. Truth is still what matters to the American people.

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For six years now, the Right has double-Dutch-danced around the facts, trying to split hairs with the truth, and in particular, racism for the benefit of the White shrinking minority they represent and who supply funds to keep them in office.

When you dance with the devil in the blue suit (45) long enough, you end up at home with the devil’s home in hell.

The January 6th RIOT was the very FIERY HELL their devil sought and given a chance, still seeks to subject America to once more in the future. One party doesn’t want the investigation to continue or the truth to come out. One party isn’t grown up enough to categorically deny their fraudulent claims of a stolen 2020 election, even though over 60 United States courts throughout America ruled that their claims were invalidated.

When you see with your own eyes, and hear their victim’s cries, the opulence their money buys, the endless fraudulent lies, which only grow in size, now you unravel the cover-up tries and ties, all of which subtracts down to their warped idea of our future America, UNWISE!!!! These are NOT EVEN WISE GUYS in bad disguise. They are wanna-be “Lords of the Flies.”

Sean C. Bowers has written the last twenty-four years, as a White Quaker Southern man, for the nations’ third oldest Black Newspaper, the New Journal and Guide, of Norfolk, VA, about overcoming racism, sexism, classism, and religious persecution. Some of his latest NJ&G articles detailing the issues can found by searching “Sean C. Bowers” on the NJ&G website. Contact him directly on social media at or by e-mail NNPA 2019 Publisher of the Year, Brenda H. Andrews (NJ&G 34 years) has always been his publisher.

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