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Social and Civic Whirl

The Social and Civic Whirl: Covenant Presbyterian Church Hosted The Boys Choir of Hampton Roads

During the 2016-2017 performance season, the Boys Choir of Hampton Roads participated in 17 concerts. What a rigorous schedule for a group of young men ages 7 through high school graduation. Their final free and open to the public concert in Hampton Roads was held at Covenant Presbyterian Church located on Covenant Avenue in Norfolk.

Mrs. Geraldine T. Boone, Founder of the Boys Choir and Accompanist for the group, played the Opening Prelude. These young men began the concert with “Brothers Sing On” followed by a fervent Prayer by Ian Poole. The young performers showcased their vocal talents with “I Love You Lord,” Devarr Brickhouse and Ian Poole were the featured singers for“Jesus Christ is the Way,” and “Pie Jesu.” Other songs prior to Intermission were “Ave Maria,” and “The Majesty and Glory of Your Name.”

Following the Free Will Offering, the Boys Choir sang “Siyahamba,” a South African Freedom Song. Devarr Brickhouse, Troy Dunaway, Nathaniel Dunaway, Corjah Nowlin-Britt, Ian Poole, and David Whyte, the Advanced Choir Members, swayed and sang two of Duke Ellington’s songs “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing,” and “Mood Indigo.” Troy Dunaway was the soloist for “Falling in Love With Jesus,” and Ian Poole was the featured soloist in singing “Dear God.” David Whyte who represented the Geraldine T. Boone Studio did a wonderful job, only after a couple of months of learning to play the piano, in his rendition of “The River.”

The entire choir sang “Make Them Hear You” before the presentations and remarks by Board of Director, Chair, Dr. Brynda E. Parker, Artistic Director Julius E. McCullough and an Official from Covenant Presbyterian Church. In addition to singing, the young boys and teenagers learn discipline and are required to strive for high academic standards. Although each young man does extremely well academically, high honors went to Devarr Brickhouse/Norview High School; Elijah Brown/Jacox Elementary; Stephano Mosley/The Academy of International Studies at Rosemont; Ian Poole/the Academy for Discovery at Lakewood; and the highest honor was received by Cody Stiff/Larrymore Elementary. Names of singers, other than those already mentioned, are Darren Bentley, Isiah Mosley, and Cameron Stiff.

“We’re The Men” was the closing song for the Boys Choir of Hampton Roads artistic/musical season. A reception in the Fellowship Hall followed this great concert showcasing the talent of addour young African-American males.

During the month of July, the Boys Choir will travel to New Orleans, Louisiana to participate at the National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc. Convention. If you are interested in having a young man, of any ethnicity, beginning at age 7 and continuing through high school graduation join this wonderful choir, please contact Julius McCullough at (757) 553-7545 for more information.

Your tax deductible donations, for this 501-c 3 non-profit organization can be sent to: The Boys Choir of Hampton Roads, P.O. BOX 41429, Norfolk, Virginia 23541. This Choir, for 19 years, has been helped with the cost of music, dress attire, transportation and other activities by assistance from persons interested in helping our young men to succeed in life. To be included on their mailing list and to receive a schedule for the upcoming season. Send your name, address and phone number to Julius McCullough.

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