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Social and Civic Whirl

Social and Civic Whirl: Marian Edmonds Day At Grace Episcopal Church

Ola Goss
The women of Grace Episcopal Church honored Marian Miller Edmonds, daughter of the late William and Susie Miller, for over 70 years of dedication and service to Grace Episcopal Church and the Episcopal community. Because of her long-standing membership at Grace, Mrs. Edmonds is the “Go to Person” concerning the history of Grace and her knowledge of protocol for the Episcopal Church. Although she is not the “Historian Emerita” of Grace Episcopal, Marian Edmonds is sometimes affectionately called “The Bishop.”

Marian Edmonds is a bundle of energy who served in various capacities including Sunday school teacher; Lay Reader and a Licensed Chalicer, for more than 40 years; and President and Treasurer of the Daughters of the King. In addition to her work at Grace, Mrs. Edmonds has held the position of Treasurer of the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE) of the Diocese of Southern Virginia; the first African-American elected President of the Episcopal Women of the Diocese of Southern Virginia; named Honored Woman of the Diocese of Southern Virginia at the Triennial in Denver in 2000; and appointed Chair of the Transition Committee for the Election, Ordination and Consecration of Carol W. T. Gallagher, a Native American, as Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Virginia.

After the morning worship service, a festive program and repast were held in the Hilary Jones Parish Hall. The Rev. Father Harold J. Cobb, Jr. Rector of Grace Episcopal Church gave the Opening Prayer. Ann Allen, President of the Episcopal Church Women, gave the Welcome. The Grace was done by Angela King. Following lunch, Rosalyn Neal explained the Occasion. Glowing Proclamations received from Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and Bishop Sullivan were read.

Family members and friends came from in town and out of town to help surprise and celebrate the Christian life of Marian Miller Edmonds. They included daughter, Pat; son, Bill; grandchildren; and great grandchildren. In addition to having her family introduced, special guests were recognized. A Toast to the Honoree was done by a member of the men’s organization of Grace Episcopal Church. Gifts, including a money tree, were presented to Ms. Marian. Prior to the closing remarks from Ann Allen and the Benediction by Rev. Father Joseph N. Green, Jr. (retired Rector of Grace Episcopal Church) and his fond remembrances of Mrs. Edmonds, Mrs. Edmonds responded to this special occasion with sincere appreciation for this wonderful surprise affair sponsored by the Episcopal Church Women.

The committee dedicated a poem title “GRATITUDE” to MRS. MARIAN MILLER EDMONDS. A portion of the poem reads as follows “… You helped us to learn how to play and have fun. You helped us to think and to walk, and to run. So you, dear honoree, go and continue to have fun. Always be our example of a JOB WELL DONE.” Author Unknown.

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