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Social and Civic Whirl

Social and Civic Whirl: Friends From Booker T. Washington Class of 1966 Celebrated Their Friendship

As 2016 was coming to a close, the 6th floor in the Slover Library was the venue where Friends from Booker T. Washington High School Class of 1966 celebrated 50 years of friendship. Delicious hot hors d’oeuvres were served throughout the night at this wonderful affair while friends enjoyed the theme of this celebration – having fun and enjoying being together.

Persons participating in this celebration traveled from South Carolina; North Carolina; Connecticut; Maryland; New York City; Northern Virginia; Washington, D. C.; and California. These friends and their guests engaged in “Old School” music and dancing and some line dancing to sounds provided by “D J Grell.” Donn Scott chaired the committee that pulled these friends together for an evening of holiday fun. Other members of the host group consisted by Margie Davis Scott, Andrea Southall, Michael Jordan, Alfonso Carney, Paul Riddick, Leo Williams, Jr. and Edwin Shirley.

Special acknowledgement was given to guest Donald and Beverly Wood Brown who were celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary. Kudos were also given to Edwin and Patricia Clay Shirley who celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary during the Christmas holiday. Since this was an evening of enjoyment, an informal intermission was done with Al Carney and Edwin Shirley making some candid and funny remarks concerning the friendships of the group through the years. Cecelia Taliaferro Tucker a former “special” teacher was recognized. Leo Williams, Sr. a former Norfolk school teacher and principal; and Malcolm “Zeke” Avery former Booker T. teacher, basketball coach/athletic director and assistant principal were also in attendance.
Although their lives have taken them in difference professional directions and geographic locales, it is wonderful to see people who can bond and remain good friends for 50 years.

Always keep that circle of friendship together!!!

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