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Black Church News in Virginia

Seeds of Hope: He Will Be Exalted

Years ago a rural farmer was driving his Model “T” into town when it stopped in the middle of a crossroad. He lifted the hood and was amazed at the wires and strange parts he had never bothered to look at previously. Confused, he walked around the car several times then got inside and tried to start it. Again and again he stepped on the starter, the engine would start, run a few seconds and then stop. In frustration he got out once again and slammed the door.

A gentleman approached him in a finely tailored suit, white shirt and tie and said, “Sir, your carburetor is out of adjustment. May I help you?”

Puzzled at the man’s appearance and offer to help he said quickly, “What do you know about this car?”

“Oh, I know very much about it,” came the reply. “I am Henry Ford and I made your car. Since I made it, I can fix it.”

God created the universe from “nothing.” Man came from His creative power. Yet, when things go wrong in God’s universe among the men He created, men generally look to other men to fix the problem or problems. Research is initiated, heads of state meet and negotiate, and conferences are held with any resolution only lasting for a short time.

Jesus taught us to pray, “Your will, Father, is to be done on earth as it is in heaven.” It was God’s plan that the planet He created would reflect His will and bring glory to His name. We know, however, that the first man and woman He created refused to follow His plan. Because of their decision all of us are affected by its results – suffering, wars and rumors of wars.

One day we know that He will return to earth, restore His creation and reign over His Kingdom. He will be exalted.

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