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Seeds of Hope: God is Light

Lights shine more brightly when the night is at its darkest moment. Stars illuminate the skies with more beauty and brilliance when there is no glare from the glow of a city.

Light also brings shadows and can cause blindness. Light even creates illusions of things that do not exist – like streams of water on parched desert sand.

But there is one Light that enables us to see the light. It is the Light of God that comes from the Word of God when His Word and His ways are illuminated by His Holy Spirit.

Psalm 36 contains an important theme for the Christian. All too often we willingly accept the teachings of individuals who offer a solution to our problems from sources that are not consistent with God’s truth. David clearly warns us about this problem. He writes that we may unwisely “flatter” ourselves because we are “deceived” by not being able to “detect sin.” He offers the solution for the method we are to use to discriminate the truth about sin, “in Your light we see light.”

John clearly emphasized this also, “God is light,” he assures us, “and in Him there is no darkness.” Light represents what is good, pure, true, holy and reliable. Darkness, on the other hand, represents what is sinful and evil. The light that comes from God’s Word is true and reliable and will guide us from the darkness of sin into the Light of God’s love, mercy and grace. His Light will save us from the sin of self-deception and death.

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