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Round-Up: Elizabeth River Chapter Les Gemmes, Inc.



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The Elizabeth River Chapter of Les Gemmes, Inc. has focused on community and continuing the legacy of chapter organizer, Wanetah Benn Davis.  On Saturday, November 15, 2014, the Elizabeth River Chapter welcomed three new members to its active body of members:  Hope Lucart, Janice Persichina and Felisha Washington-Price. They were inducted by Chapter President, Melvina Herbert and the members of the Elizabeth River Chapter.  

First National President,  Jean Alexander was present to give an overview of the National Organization.  Following the  induction ceremony, gifts were presented to each new member  and luncheon was held at Buffet City, Holland Road, Virginia 

Beach. Gemstone Larry Brooks was present as the official  photographer.

The festive December meeting was hosted by Lucretia Beckett held at Pollard’s Chicken, Virginia Beach. The chapter welcomed Joel Caffey, 2014 Scholarship Recipient, along with his mother, Valerie Caffey to join the Chapter for lunch.  Joel  is a 2014 honor graduate from the International Baccalaureate program at Granby High School  and is currently attending Boston University where he is a Biomedical Engineering student.  He provided insight into his  present college experiences as well as his future aspirations.  Joelcredits God, his mother, grandmother and family for their strong,positive influence.

On Saturday, March 21, 2015 the chapter held  its annual Wanetah Benn Davis Scholarship Breakfast for Milady at Grand Affairs. The scholarship is offered to a graduating senior from the  Hampton Roads area who has  been accepted to a four year college. 

The keynote speaker, Mrs. Hildegarde Richardson, a renowned Health Education  Administrator, spoke on “The Journey”. She emphasized the impact that the conductor   (parents, teachers, and community) has on the life of a child.  

Entertainment was provided by the musical group N’Treague,and Ms. Lutricia Chavous  recited “ Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou in recognition of celebrating women in the month of March. 

April 11, 2015 was the 18th birthday of the Elizabeth River City Chapter of Les Gemmes.  Members are:Lucretia G. 

Beckett, Kay F. Harvey, Gertrude Y. Booth, Melvina T. Herbert, Mavis W. Booth, Hope D. Lucart Ida H. Brown, Janice E. Persichina, Maria P. Cross, Lydia T. Richards, Charlina R. Hadi, Denise D. Rollins and Felisha Washington-Price.

Gemstones are Joseph Beckett, Johnnie Herbert, George Booth, Thomas Lucart, Larry Brooks, Jerome Persichina, Paulvin Brown, Jeffery Price, Ronald Cross, and Desmond Richards.

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