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Rebecca's Well

Rebecca’s Well: Right-Brain Evangelism© PT. III

Today we know more about the brain and ways in which people think and process information. There is left-and right-brain hemispheric functioning. Although the whole-brain pattern is preferred, most people tend to think or respond predominantly in a left or right-brain mode. Each mode has positive and negative characteristics.

It is important to make this distinction because principle has two sides, positive and negative. Both are significant. The left-brain because of its powers of reasoning, analytical thinking and-past history habit formation can readily process information as negative principle. It is the masculine brain of law and logic. Some people are stuck in the left-brain, which makes communication very difficult.

The creative right brain is feminine, sees beauty, unity, and wholeness. It seeks to cooperate, rescue, and accept. The right brain is the positive energy of love, religion, faith, worship, great music and art and spontaneous response. It is non-combative and has great warmth and nurturing appeal. The right brain blends thoughts and words together into the big picture. Its pattern is circular or continuous. It is passive and accepting. It sees no logic, cannot correct itself and is therefore the brain of addiction, playfulness, and irrationality. Logical left-brain is angular in pattern, sees details and organization. It can delimit, establish boundaries, walls of separation or rejection.

We have applied the foregoing discussion to the evangelistic process. Salvation scripture can be reviewed as appealing either to the left or right brain according to how people think or process information.

Be sure the unsaved understands and has carefully followed all salvation scriptures in the Bible according to my chart on left-and right-brain functioning in the previous article. This will be exciting and rewarding. Finally, lead them to confess their sins. Have them to pray a simple prayer of confession of their sins, their willingness to repent (turn away from their sins) and their belief in Christ. They must pray and confess aloud to God and others present. If they are unfamiliar with prayer and they probably are, have them repeat each phase of the model sinner’s prayer after you:


Dear Lord Jesus,

I know that I am a sinner, I am sorry for my sins, I ask for your forgiveness. Come into my heart now. I want to turn from my sin nature and follow you. Cleanse me. Save me. I believe that Jesus died in my place to pay the penalty for my sins and that he rose from the dead. I believe Jesus lives today. I commit my life now and forever to him.

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