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Rebecca’s Well: Mother’s Day 2016

1. If momma isn’t happy, no one’s happy. For she is the seat of emotions, the Right-Brain and she sets the emotional tone in the family.
2. “But the Jerusalem above, (the Messianic Kingdom of Christ), is free and she is our mother.” (Galatians 4:26) “For it is written in the scriptures, Rejoice, Oh barren woman who has not given birth to children; break forth into a joyful shout, you who are not feeling birth pangs, for the desolate (childless) woman has many more children than she who has a husband.” (Galatians 4:27; Isaiah 54:1)- Amplified Bible
3. Isaiah 54: The Amplified Bible states as appropriate for 4 categories of women: lonely-disappointed-childless-widow.

4. Although it was designed primarily to celebrate the rejoicing of the redemption of Zion, this scripture has a long, primarily overlooked, message for women.
5. The special message for women is this: If women will read this chapter prayerfully and receptively for one year, they will be spiritually prepared for the states of loneliness, disappointment, childlessness, or widowhood should they occur.
6. For all women, regardless of their marital or single state have been lonely or disappointed at some times.

7. This 54th chapter of the book of Isaiah gives all the confidence, assurance, and understanding that feminine hearts have longed for through the ages.
8. It is important to keep your eyes on the words of the Bible. For Jesus says in John 6:63- “My words are spirit and they are life.”
9. So the Bible words are more than ink on paper. The spirit and life of the words leap off the paper and stream through the pupils of the eyes and engage the spiritual centers of the brain, bringing wholeness, health, and peace. This same process emanates from the hearing of the word. The spirit/mind in the Believer is quickened or made alive. This spiritual food feeds the heart/soul, which is the clothing of the spirit.

10. Verses 1-3 relate to the childless woman, married or single, who is barren and has never experienced the pangs of childbirth. But she is not to become depressed and sad. The Bible tells her to sing and shout aloud for although she is desolate (childless) and without biological children, “the childless woman has many more spiritual children that far outnumber the biological children of the married wife,” says the Lord.
11. The childless woman should re-establish relationship with those of her spiritual self and make her home comfortable for entertaining. She should write endearing notes and invite the spiritual children for tea, brunch, or dinner. They should go on cruises, leisure excursions, and educational tours. Extend yourselves. Get involved in causes. Live deeply, the devotional life in God.
12. (v. 4) Comforts the childless or single woman who may have been married in early life, but is now divorced or widowed. It may nurture one who has had an abortion, and feels shame and guilt. The older married woman must not impinge or worry about life after the demise of her husband. She too must embrace life with gusto.

13. Now, v. 5 is the signature verse for all women, but especially for the single or divorced and/or the woman who has been jilted. Your real husband is the Lord Jesus who created you, the Maker and Sustainer of all mankind. “Ishi” is His name. (Hosea 2:16) This is it. No mortal man can match your true Husband who is your Maker. Psalm 4:3 makes this poignantly clear: “But know that the Lord has set aside the Godly for Himself.” So live a clean and Godly life in the spirit. You are not married because God made you for Himself. Say to others, “I AM Godly.” This knowledge can certainly be expected to engender your optimal self-esteem and soul worth. You will never seek a mate, nor feel lonely again.
14. (v. 6) God calls all to Himself who feels forsaken and grieved in Spirit, particularly young wives, married in their youth, and later refused or rejected. Jesus will never forsake you. The Father God says you may feel I have left you all alone, but although you could not “feel” me I am right by your side. I have been there all the time. Furthermore, Jesus says He will be with you always, ever until the end of the world. O, rest in His covenant of Peace, Love, and Mercy. (v. 10)
15. (v. 11) I will comfort you who are tossed and afflicted and will not be comforted. I will come and make you the jewels, the precious jewels of my crown. “After you have suffered awhile, I will make you perfect (mature) establish, strengthen and settle you.” (1st Peter 5: 10)

16. (v. 13) Christ Jesus says be happy don’t worry about your children whether they are spiritual or biological/spiritual. “All thy children shall be taught of the Lord.”
17. (v. 14) Mothers, you who are spiritual or Bio-Mothers. Listen to your present and futuristic blessings:
a. “You shall be established in righteousness.”
b. “You shall be far from oppression.”
c. “You shall not fear.”
d. “Terror will not come near thee.” (Forget talks of ISIS Hate Groups, etc.)
18. (v. 15) If strife comes before you, it doesn’t come from me, says Jesus. Furthermore, any man or woman who comes against you shall stumble and fall.

19. (v.17) This final verse says it all regarding the restoration of all women, the wife of Jehovah (Israel) as well as the wives of mortal men.
20. “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”
21. Remember my sisters in Christ. The Amplified Bible states: “Read this whole chapter (Isaiah 54) every week for one year and you will be spiritually prepared for childlessness or widowhood should the situations occur.”
Amen. (Oh, Yes!)

Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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