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Rebecca’s Well: Part II: Personal Power

By Dr. Rebecca R. Rivka

As Personal Power is intensified, children become calmer, more loving and kind, show respect, receive better grades and a host of other appropriate behaviors will manifest.  In essence, the child will think appropriate behavior into being.

The child must not be left alone to discover himself; the mind which is the conduit or channel of the Holy Spirit, must be properly developed by hearing the truth or right conversation, empowering words and beholding beautiful music and art.  The child must be taught the art of consciously cooperating with the laws of God and nature. For this cooperation with the Eternal makes it easy for the child to grow and develop her maximum potential. This the scientist is already learning to do.  The philosopher and religionist have always known.  Life is not really against us, but for us.  We are now equipped with sufficient intelligence to gain the necessary wisdom and knowledge for our future growth. The young mind must not be left alone with the television as first socializer and teacher. There is not the proper discrimination by the child between fact and fancy and reality and imagination. Reality TV is forbidden with its lewd, immoral, disrespectful and questionable imagery and social content.  Few cartoons or shows should be viewed by children or adults.


Violence on TV is real to the young child.  Dr. Albert Bandura’s research regarding the young child’s perception of TV violence documents that children will imitate TV violence, whether it is done by known or unknown adults. We must free ourselves and our children from ignorance of the law of cause and effect.  Basically put, the Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.  Whatever is going on in our mind, positive or negative thoughts and images, we attract to ourselves.  Thoughts are things, they reproduce themselves.  Every thought has a frequency.  And when we continue to dwell on a thought, we give it power to come to mind over and over again. The child must not sit too close to the television.  The electromagnetic rays interfere with the brain’s neural or electrical system.  This is even a serious problem for me, and I must remove the television from my bedroom and self space.


Contributor of Rebecca’s Well. The Reverend Dr. Rebecca R. Rivka is a retired professor of Psychology, Norfolk State University and former school psychologist of both Portsmouth and Norfolk public school systems and retired professional counselor, Virginia and currently local elder, New Saint John African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Virginia Beach, VA.


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