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Rebecca’s Well by Dr. Rebecca R. Rivka

Teaching Methodologies Pt.I

Today we must teach our children the mystery of the creation of thought and being.  We must teach them how to create right thought, for the outer manifestation or behavior is but the result of mind activity.  This inner awakening at an early age enables the child to produce a steady and unbroken sequence of learning and self-discipline.

Our children have keener perception today because the natural order of evolution has brought spirit and matter closer together.  Therefore, the veil between spirit and matter is thinning.  Early on children must be taught the strategy of going within, of being still, of prayer and of thought.  They must be taught personal power comes through the awakening of the personality to the nature of God through Jesus Christ, the Church.  And this process of awakening begins in mental states or modes of thought.  It is the mind that awakens.

As the consciousness of the child expands due to soul evolution and high technological communications, we must attune teaching methodologies at  home, church and school to cooperate with the child’s higher thought frequency.


One of the problems in the discipline of today’s children is that he or she perceptibly knows and learns before we are aware of this phenomenon.  We tend to process and repeat the teaching strategy or discipline long after it has lost its potency.  The child becomes bored, manipulative and takes a mental furlough that increases in the absence of mental stimulation.  The child consequently begins to move farther and farther from the God Self and we have the terrible twos, ADD, ADHD, ODCD, Sociopath, and a general malaise of disorders.  To reverse the mental and emotional discord, at an early age, we must over-complicate the young mind with Greek, Latin or other disciplines.  So they will have little time to develop vain imaginations.  We must teach our children that their thoughts create their world.  As they think good thoughts that cooperate with the good thoughts of parents and teachers, children will develop personal power.


Next Week: Pt. II, Personal Power

Contributor of Rebecca’s Well. The Reverend Dr. Rebecca R. Rivka is a retired professor of Psychology, Norfolk State University and former school psychologist of both Portsmouth and Norfolk public school systems and retired professional counselor, Virginia and currently local elder, New Saint John African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Virginia Beach, VA.

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